WE are not just another gym and YOU are not just another member.
The Team

We choose the best of the best to be on the Energy Team! Everyone on our team has a true passion for enhancing our members lives and bringing you to a healthier, happier place in your life. From our caring customer service team to our energetic group fitness instructors and personal trainers, you will know that you are truly in great hands at Energy!

The Services

Whether it be our renowned Energy Training program or our outstanding group fitness and wellness classes, our services are second to none! Our goal is to ensure you have the Motivation, Accountability and Diversity that you need to succeed in achieving your fitness goals.

The Atmosphere

Picture a state of the art, upscale fitness club meets your living room! While we pride ourselves on having all the latest and greatest, our atmosphere maintains a warmth like its your second home. If you find yourself in a gym where you’re instantly inspired, supremely impressed and yet relaxed enough to deeply exhale…… Welcome to Energy!


I’ve been at Energy since it opened

I’ve been at Energy since it opened. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis a few years ago. With regular cardio and weight lifting routine at Energy and some medication, my bone density has improved and is almost normal again. That’s my Energy Story.
Maryanne Hickey

Energy helped me win over the love of my life

So long story short… Energy helped me win over the love of my life. So I was very overweight and my best friend went to the gym all the time and was in incredible shape. I remember her telling me how she loved a guy who worked hard and was determined to stay healthy and fit. She also told me about this gym Energy, I[...]
Andrew Adams

Energy has introduced me to new people and helped me make new friends

I used to be a very active person when I was younger. I used to dance, play softball, lacrosse, and basketball. I also love to swim a lot. As I got older and went away to school, I stopped doing dance, softball, lacrosse, and basketball but I kept up with swimming. After two knee surgeries, I think I was afraid to do much. Then one[...]
Samantha Horne


In 2003 a few brothers and best friends took on a failing gym with a couple of bucks and a vision. We saw a big gap in the fitness industry between large, full-service box gyms and small specialized fitness studios. We knew the best of both worlds was NECESSARY…a club with the DIVERSITY and AMENITIES of large clubs but the COMFORT, CAMARADERIE and the sense of BELONGING that small fitness studios offer. We knew that this would be the Premier Fitness Experience.