Energy Fitness Center Amenities – Daycare


This FREE service is available to all Energy members and is offered during peak hours of operation. The rooms are child-safe and clean. Our staff is caring and compassionate. We have a ton of stuff to keep them busy and they will have so much fun, they won’t want to leave.

Energy Fitness Center Amenities – Smoothie Bar & Wifi Fitness Lounge

Smoothie Bar & WiFi Fitness Lounge

Catch up with your friends while you sip on one of our yummy, nutritious pre and post workout shakes.

Energy Fitness Center Amenities – Towel Service


Our locations have free towel service available for all members. Just another way we keep you and our clubs clean and comfortable.

Energy Fitness Center Amenities – Sauna


Detox, relax, lose weight and rejuvenate in our infrared saunas.

Group Fitness Studio

Lockers & Showers

State of the Art Equipment

Outdoor Training Area

Personal Training

Buddy Training

Wellness Studio

Acupuncture (on site)

PT/Chiropractor (on site)

Spin Theater

Group Training

Some amenities vary based on location. Please check your local club listing.