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If a picture is worth a thousand words…. these videos are priceless.

Young member learns how to exercise properly

Stay at home mom stays fit and healthy with two trainers

Doctor takes time to work on his weaknesses

I Want To Go Because Of The Staff

It took me 7 years after giving birth to 2 kids to return to a gym. I had gained 28 pounds and never had any motivation to work out. Finally I joined a local gym. I always wanted a gym close to home because it’s convenient. Unfortunately, that gym closed down and Energy ca me to Miller Place ready to give us all the support and amenities that all of us were looking for.

Energy is not just another gym looking to make money off their customers. They really care about our needs and concerns. They listen to ours complaints as well as our input. It is a brand new state of the art facility. It is always clean and smells fresh. They even have a shake (protein) bar. They offer great hours, and for parents they even offer free babysitting. I cannot even begin to say how important that is for a mom. You need a safe and dependable place to leave your kids while you work out stress free.

Energy has definitely changed my life, routine and daily motivation to get myself to a gym. I look forward every day to walk in and hi to friends, including the workers. They know my name, I am not just another number there. It is a small, friendly and in some ways family oriented gym. Mary, Gina and many others are always willing to help. The instructors are excellent and classes are so well put together. Energy is always looking to improve and satisfy their customers. I definitely recommend energy to all my friends!

Gina M
Miller Place, NY

Judgement Free And Amazing People

I’ve always [had a problem] with my physical appearance. I never wanted to go to the gym because I was afraid of people watching me workout. Energy is a judgement free zone with amazing people with the same goals. Ever since I’ve been working out at Energy, I’ve been an all-around happier person and no longer struggle as much with personal insecurities.

Thank You Energy!

Kathryn Failla
Fort Salonga, NY

So here I am making the trip passing those other gyms to come to Energy once again

In 2014, there was a street festival on Main Street in Smithtown’; living in Smithtown I went to the festival. One of the “booths” was Energy Fitness. The guys were asking you about your exercise and offering a chance to workout at the gym. Simply fill out this form and you could win (I believe the prizes were) 3 month free membership, 2 month, or 1 month. Since I only ever did workouts at home and had never been to a gym I filled out the form. Well, I won the 1 month which included one session with a personal trainer. That one month changed my life. I am not a young person with sights on being buff or fit. I am a senior who wanted only to feel better and exercise more efficiently. However, I had a few issues. The friend that I was with asked if I had ever belonged to a gym and why I wanted to go. My response was it’s a raffle and what chance do I have of winning, but hey you never know maybe it will change my life!

After winning “the best prize,” I decided to take the opportunity to see what a difference it would be for me to work out at a gym rather than at home. The phone call actually surprised me because I hardly remembered filling out the slip. I came and met a personal trainer but I was feeling this trainer would not be thrilled to work with a female senior. However, he was cordial and helpful and showed me how I could do more than I thought I was able to do.

Some of my restrictions, besides being a senior, are two knee replacements and a compromised hand, which left the wrist not bendable as a result of surgeries following a horrific car accident. None of these personal restrictions became a factor and what I was shown was the proper way I could work out. I asked how many times a week I can come with the free month. “As many as you want” was what I was told. So, I came 5 times a week and found that I loved the all over workout I was able to do despite my limitations. What a joy it was to see someone would work with me and not focus on my limitations but my abilities. I found that, I had an imbalance in energy and strength in my arms because of my compromised hand. The weakness was leaving me unable to function as I wanted. I found many exercises that strengthened my arm without causing pain to the wrist. I could now do so much more in my daily living as the arm became stronger. Overall I was stronger, healthier, more energetic and looked better.

I signed as a member following my initiation for that free month. I do not believe I would have entered a gym before winning that free month. My feelings of intimidation were due to my belief that no one would want to work with a women my age. After all, what was her motive? I found all that to be untrue, as I was treated with dignity and respect. I was eager to work out because I saw the difference it made in my daily life. I saw a gym that was clean, well kept, friendly, and did not discriminate based on my age or gender. I saw wipes always in supply to use on the machines before and after a workout. The locker room was clean and orderly. The staff, no matter who I spoke to, was open, friendly and eager to enhance my experience. What was there not to like? Since my membership began I love coming and working out. My daily life was easier as I was stronger. I felt better and enjoyed my abilities to do all the things I was in charge of doing, with more ease and strength.

Then I sold my house and had to move!! During the breakdown of the house I closed my membership as I had no idea where I would move and how I could work out and pack, but mostly the unknowing of where I would live. I found myself missing the gym. Something I never thought I would feel. I was more stressful and weaker than I found myself when I was a gym member. Which is a new quote in my life, “a gym member.” I once again visited the Smithtown festival and saw the Energy gym booth. I stopped by, wanting to see what prizes they were offering. There were none, only a sticker. There was that ever friendly greeting and I said how I missed the gym. Not long after, I received a call and I went for a free day to see if I could make the trip since I now lived further away. When I received a text from Energy, I decided to make the drive and come back to Energy. I have looked at gyms closer to my new residence but I found impersonal staff without the enthusiasm and warm to entice me to work out there. I found uncleanliness that upset me and kept thinking of Energy and how friendly and clean it is. I really missed the atmosphere. They’re all ages who work out at Energy and all levels of fitness. There are personal trainers who work with no heed to age or fitness levels. No need to feel you don’t fit in, at Energy you will find acceptance and encouragement. So here I am making the trip passing those other gyms to come to Energy once again.

Elizabeth Skolnick

Energy Fitness is more than a gym

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive bone cancer (Chondrosarcoma) which had spread through most of my left femur and quad muscle. After undergoing a radical surgery and reconstruction, I was left unable to walk. I was so deeply grateful to be cancer free, but still grieved the loss of my physicality. Through PT, I slowly regained some mobility, but it seemed unlikely I would have an active lifestyle again. As a single mom of a young child, that was a very hard reality to accept.

After speaking with Mike Tucci at Energy Fitness, I began to see a different future for myself. His boundless enthusiasm is contagious. Mike and the team at Energy showed genuine dedication, ongoing encouragement and a broad vision for a fitness program that would help me regain mobility and my life back. They saw potential in me that I found hard to see myself.

I recently began working with a trainer, Dean. In a short time, I can feel my leg “waking up”. During one session, I became emotional as muscles that I thought were “lost” and would most likely remain unresponsive, began to work again and “join the party.” It is difficult to describe the joy and gratitude I felt in that moment.

I have a long way to go, but with Team Energy I have found a fantastic partner on my journey. As I celebrate my two year anniversary cancer free, I’m feeling so much more optimistic about my recovery. Energy Fitness is more than a gym. Their heartfelt commitment to wellness is changing lives. They are helping me reclaim my life not only for myself, but for my young daughter as well, and that is a gift beyond measure. Thank you!


Energy has guided me through many of life’s milestones

I joined Energy in 2006, and since it has guided me through many of life’s milestones. Soon after I joined, my boyfriend (now husband) also became a member. Now that’s commitment! We began working out together each day. After we became engaged, of course I continued going to Energy to stay in wedding-day shape. However, I ruptured my Achilles tendon 5 weeks before our wedding day. I was able to continue upper body workouts, resting my leg on a stool. The cast came off a few days before our wedding! I was able to walk down the aisle and dance at my wedding thanks to the fitness routine I had always maintained. Four years late, we found out I was pregnant. My husband and I continued to work out together up until my due date, and I’m sure that allowed me to enjoy an easy pregnancy. Now I can’t wait for our daughter to join us in living a healthy lifestyle!


I truly love my gym…

I joined Energy Fitness back in October after a lengthy hiatus after my fourth (and final) baby was born. Said baby refused to drink a bottle or eat any solid foods until he turned 7 months old, so I couldn’t leave him for any extended period of time and aside from taking care of three other children (all under 5 years old) I was a slave to nursing every two hours. With my previous babies the weight literally fell off from nursing and moderate exercising but with Preston, I found myself stress eating and instead of losing my pregnancy weight, I was putting on the pounds. I was also very lonely having just moved to the area from Nassau County and not knowing anyone at all. By the time I joined Energy Fitness, I was SO ready to get back into shape and back into the fitness lifestyle but I was also dying for other adult conversations, relationships and friends. My experience at Energy has fulfilled and surpassed all of my hopes and expectations.  When I first joined I was very self-conscious about my body. In fact, in my first month at the gym, no matter how sweaty I became, I would not take off my sweat jacket because I was ashamed of how I looked in a tank top. I realize how silly that is now because the trainers and staff (as well as the members) are some of the kindest and most supportive people I have met.

When I walk through the gym doors I immediately feel happy. Sweet and friendly Katharine at the desk and the fabulous Keri…aside from being such an amazing trainer, instructor and motivator, she always greets me with a smile; she is so upbeat, positive and warm to my children. That goes for all of the staff. I have worked out at many different gyms and I have never met such a great group of trainers, instructors and managers.

Aside from feeling ‘at home’ at the gym, I can’t say enough about my love for the classes offered! I take most of the 9:30am classes (and try to sneak some others in too!) and am thrilled with the results I see in my body and my shape, but I also feel stronger and healthier. I am also very pleased with the friendships that I have made in the classes and love catching up with the other members and chatting about this and that. In short, Energy Fitness has provided me with happiness, gratitude, confidence, variety, health, strength and friendships. I truly love my gym!

Rebecca Carey

A safe, fun, non­judgmental environment to get fit

Energy Fitness has given me a safe, fun, non­judgmental environment to get fit in a way that other gyms have not. From the state of the art equipment to the variety of classes, my workout is always far from monotonous or boring. Above all perhaps is the gym staff including management, trainers, and front desk staff. They are always welcoming and genuinely happy to see me reach my goals. While most can agree that waking up and going to the gym isn’t always a first choice, with a gym like Energy, it’s a lot easier.

Amanda F

Energy Fitness has changed my thinking about gyms

Team Energy,

This is to tell you why Energy Fitness has changed my thinking about gyms. Energy has dynamic, friendly staff and trainers. The atmosphere is more spa-like than gym. I often describe it as a boutique gym in comparison to the large commercial chains. I came from a gym that was overcrowded and not maintained well in terms of cleanliness or keeping equipment in working order. The classes were limited and very large, so personal attention was extremely limited. At Energy, the classes are, with excellent teachers and trainers who get to know you and help you work out more effectively. And the instructors change their routines so classes don’t become boring. You get to know fellow club members and it’s a very friendly atmosphere. The staff are attentive and customer-oriented. There are usually no waits for equipment and the facility is well-maintained. I go to the gym three days a week and hate to miss a class because I enjoy going to the gym now! Thank you Energy!

Arielle Latino

Bootcamp Booted Me Into A Happy Place

I always tried to keep in shape with bike riding and moderate ab work and at 5 foot 11 in a size 14, I looked pretty good and felt pretty good.

About 5 years ago I was crossing a Manhattan street, tripped and fell and fractured my upper arm which incapacitated my shoulder for a month. Through PT afterward I still didn’t have good range of motion and I felt very weak.

Then at Christmas time the $99 unlimited bootcamp fliers were on my car and I said to my husband… that’s what I want… the gift of health to strive toward a better way of living.

I started my first bootcamp and literally couldn’t walk for 5 days, but I kept coming. As the months followed, I started to feel good about the exercises and I knew that I was getting stronger. As the years went on, I picked up personal training sessions and even more confident in my abilities.

Never in my life had I ran a 5K, never mind an obstacle course, but with the knowledge and confidence I gained at Energy, I am no longer afraid to test my comfort zone limits. I just completed the Tough Mudder in August and that was a great achievement for me because I mastered the monkey bars through the tireless efforts of the Energy trainers.

I’ve made a commitment to my health and well-being and I am so happy Energy is in my corner. I am still 5 foot 11, but now I wear a size 10!

Caroline Ward
St James, NY

My guardian angel

At the age of 56, I began experiencing Parkinson-like symptoms and was diagnosed with essential tremors. At that time, I was having difficulty writing, walking and cutting and my left pinky was constantly shaking. I began seeing Dr. Feigin at the North Shore Hospital Neurology Department and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I continued to struggle on a daily basis. I needed the assistance of a cane to walk, had difficulty getting around and  was very depressed. Finally, I made a decision that I was not going to let this disease get to me. Dr. Feigin put me on various medications and suggested an exercise program. So my journey began at Energy Fitness. I found them to be a guardian angel. The staff was incredibly accommodating and compassionate. My personal trainer, Robyn Grindel, stood by me in my journey and encouraged me to challenge myself and this terrible disease. Years went by and I found myself getting better and better and stronger and stronger. About a year ago, I started with Dr. Dennis Sall, the physical therapist at Energy Fitness. Dr. Sall helped me with my balance and movement. Today, with the help of my family, friends, doctors, and the Energy Fitness Family, I feel better and stronger than even my “old self.” I will continue to move forward and am hopeful that one day science will find a cure for this dreaded disease and my life will begin again. In the meantime, I have Energy Fitness to help to that end.

Angela Lombardo

I am looking forward to the future with my trainer and Energy

After breaking my back and being unable to work out for six months. When I got the okay to start, I was paired with Laura as my trainer. Laura has been the driving force with my changes. She has inspired, supported, and has given me the tools needed to strengthen, build and heal. I am truly thankful for all she has done to help me and I am looking forward to the future with her and Energy.


Energy saved my life!

Energy saved my life! I have always taken care of everyone but myself. Everyone in the family came first. I never made exercise a priority, until now. I was a couch potato. I put on weight, had health issues because of the weight. I was out of breath just walking! Something had to change. I walked into Energy, met Angie and was welcomed and met with such understanding and care. I asked “Why pick this gym over others?”, and her answer was “We Care!”. That is a part if the Energy Difference. You walk in and are met with big hello’s and a smile. You feel at home. Angie set me up with a trainer named Lisa and the journey began. At first the treadmill was a struggle, and now I can walk forever and not get out of breath! In the beginning, classes were a struggle, but I have gained strength and endurance! I have started the weight loss journey, still with a ways to go, but I have made progress.  I know train, do the circuit, and Zumba classes. Kelly’s Zumba classes are the best! There is no way you can’t be in there not have a smile on your face! (There will be sweat, but there will be fun). I have progressed in Angie’s lift and sculpt class. The warm up used to tire me out, No More! I couldn’t do a plank, but now I can! (I don’t love them, but I can do them!!) Sherri’s circuit classes are well thought out but most of all, fun, friendly, and something to look forward to! The staff is always friendly and I feel at home. Thank you for giving me my life back, and getting me on track to a better one!

Joanne Settodectto

I feel I am aging in the best way possible and I owe it all the Energy!

I joined Energy in February 2007 after “Ladies Workout Express” closed. i was very intimidated to be going to a “real” gym, but everyone was so friendly, helpful and welcoming that I felt at ease right away. It was helpful that my yoga teacher came over as well. I started with yoga classes, the circuit and some cardio machines. I had just suffered my 4th skiing accident in six years, so I needed to build strength and gain confidence. I lacked energy and was tired all the time. After a few months I decided to try a five pack of personal training. I worked with a few trainers who were very supportive so I got another five pack.

When I started working with Coulter, he was so encouraging that I decided to sign up for weekly training. It was costly with two kinds in college, but I decided I would forgo other things and invest in my health. That investment paid off big time. I now have much more energy, am much strong and able to do more things. I lost 25 pounds in an Energy program and have kept it off for seven years. After Coulter left, I worked with Mike Tucci for a few years and for almost four years I have been working with Hanna for strengthen and Meg doing private yoga, as well as other trainers from time to time. They have all been so supportive. I also do yoga at least three times a week and last year I added reformer. The yoga teachers are excellent and knowledgeable.

All these things have made me much stronger and fit. I maintain an active lifestyle, hiking, and biking in the warmer months, and snow showing and a bit of skiing in the winter. I try to walk year round as well. I have ridden across NYS on my bike twice on the Erie Canal ride and am able to go on rides with my husband, an avid cyclist. I am fulfilling my goal of staying healthy as I age. When my son got married, I was able to wear an amazing fitted dress that prompted many compliments. I am happy to say I will soon be 66, because I feel I am aging in the best way possible and I owe it all the Energy!


I’ve gotten stronger, have improved balance and feel great.

Since joining Energy six years ago, I’ve been consistently working out several times a week. I’ve gotten stronger, have improved balance and feel great. The best result has been that my bone density has increased and I no longer have osteoporosis. I’m sure my training at Energy had a lot to do with that!

Marti McMahon

I’m so grateful to everyone at Energy

In 2012, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, the days of going to the gym were never going to be the same for me after a double Mastectomy in 2013.

I went back to the gym after I had finished all my physical therapy and wanted to jump right back in where I left off, realizing that this was not the case, I felt defeated and stopped going.

When Energy was being built I decided to give it a try, by December of 2014 I was ready to go. I started training weekly and realized that this was not just an ordinary gym, but a place where you are encouraged to be your best, by all the staff. So for Christmas my husband, Anthony, got an Energy training package.

This April, I was hospitalized with Lyme’s disease, once again no gym. By the beginning of July, I was getting antsy and jealous watching my husband goto the gym, I wanted to go back. Well, I did and I was completely lost when I walked in.

Mary and some of the trainers knew what was going on with me and literally held my hand and promised to have my back whenever I was in the gym. I’m now training with Keri twice a week and it’s been so amazing. I’m so grateful to everyone at Energy that has helped me to get back to being me!

Thanks Team Energy, “I will never give up!”

Wendy Flammia

I Feel Better Than Ever

After the birth of my third child I found myself in such a rut. I lacked energy and didn’t like the way I looked or felt. I joined Energy to lose the baby weight and I am so glad I did because I got so much more out of it than that. I lost all my baby weight and then some.

I feel the best I have felt in probably ever. I look forward to going to the gym every day. The staff is by far the best I have ever come across. I call them my gym family. I continue to set new goals for myself and I know at Energy, I can achieve them.

Courtney Hanley
Miller Place, NY

The results speak for themselves

I re-joined Energy in March 2013, after some prodding from my family. I was 53 and a half years old, much of my muscle tone had disappeared, I had a belly, and based upon a then recent physical exam, I weighed 238 pounds, my pulse at rest was in the high 90’s/low 100’s and my blood pressure was 140 over 80. I remember my first time back at the gym that March when I was warming up on the elliptical with the cross ramp at 10 and a difficulty factor of 7, my heart rate after two minutes was in the 160’s. I was out of breath, felt old and was definitely not the poster guy for vitality.

The new Energy membership came with two personal training sessions and I was incredibly fortunate to have been assigned to Energy Trainer Dean Kastanias, who excels at his craft. I must point out that Energy has an expert training staff and I have had great sessions with Lisa, Vince, and Steve. Dean gave me probably the best weight-loss advice I had ever heard: “It won’t happen overnight. It will take time and effort on your (my)part. But, a fat cell burns 3 to 4 calories at rest. A muscle cell burns 7 to 8 calories at rest. If we significantly increase your muscle cells and you don’t change you diet, your body still has no choice but to lose weight. If you adopt a healthier diet, you will lose weight even faster.”

With Dean, I have learned the importance of good form, stretching, controlling the weight in all directions (up,down,away,towards) and mixing it up so the muscles don’t get lazy. I learned  why I was getting the lower back pain and how to relieve it (effective stretches and yoga poses), how to stretch out a nasty neck spasm and what parts of my diet might be amplifying the arthritis (milk, night-shade vegetables-and guess what? They were!).

So, in December of 2014, twenty-one months after re-joining Energy and getting serious about my health, my new weight was 208 lbs, my pulse at rest was in the 70’s and my blood pressure was 118 over 80 and I take no medication. And after 40 minutes on the elliptical at level 10, my heart rate is in the high 130’s to low 140’s. I call the thirty pound weight loss a “net loss,” as my muscle mass is probably where it was when I was in my twenties or thirties. My belly has shrunk tremendously and I actually looked so much younger. The best part is I feel GREAT and I can walk up flights of stairs with no problems. The arthritic inflammation is down so much that I resumed playing the drums – pain free! As they say, the results speak for themselves.

When you hear or read “Team Energy,” believe it! But remember, any good team needs everyone to work hard – the trainers and the clients. The Energy trainers are GREAT, but, results won’t happen if you don’t put the effort in. It really is that simple.

Steve O’Donnell

I have been hooked ever since!

I recently joined Energy and have been enjoying coming to the gym daily for the 9:30am classes. O started going to the gym after four years of being the caretaker for my twin boys (and giving up my career as a physician to do so). Four years of taking care of the kids, my husband, my house, etc…and finally decided to do something for myself! I have been hooked ever since! My motivation is being stronger physically and mentally for my family.

What also motivates me to come to class every day are the incredible instructors that make it so much fun and encouraging. Especially Keri on Thursdays, who has a personal touch to her teaching and always makes sure everyone has what the need during class, as well as correcting everyone as needed so that the workouts are safely done. Michelle’s classes are also incredible and challenging. I really feel a difference in my strength!

Thank you Energy Fitness!

Patricia Kreif
Miller Place, NY

Exercise has now become my therapy!

On December 21, 2011, my husband passed away from cancer. During his treatment at Columbia Presbyterian, the only thing I had to look forward to everyday was going to the cafeteria in the hospital and eating, which I did a lot of! I took comfort in food, mostly macaroni and cheese or hamburgers with fries. After he was gone, I went into a tail spin, I had gained weight and was also really depressed. Both my girls were now away at college and I felt very alone and sad. I was considering going on medication for depression because, although I was going to work, I dreaded the nights and weekends.

I was talking to a friend of mine, telling her that I really could not go back to the gym I had previously worked out at. As my husband and I had gone there together and there were just too many memories. She suggested that I try ENERGY FITNESS, she said it was a very different type of gym, smaller with a philosophy of overall wellness.

I stopped by Energy one day on my way home from work, although I really felt I did not have the motivation to get back into any kind of exercise. I had a consultation with a personal trainer and I really enjoyed it. I decided to schedule set sessions every week and give it a try. I felt that if I had set appointments I would feel more accountable and be more likely to show up. When I met with my trainer Hanna, I told her that my goal was not weight loss, I just wanted credit “for showing up.” She was kind and understanding, pushing me enough in the beginning but not pushing me so much that I ever felt discouraged.

The more I worked out, the better I felt. I was going before work in the morning and my mood for the day started to improve. Although I was going through the grieving process and sad, I started to feel more hopeful and positive which then affected all areas of my life.

Joining Energy was a lifeline for me. I never did go on medication. The owners and staff are upbeat and positive and it made for a very pleasant environment. The other members are nice and helpful. I enjoyed being there.

The stronger I felt physically and emotionally, the more motivated I got. Hanna worked with me through all the different phases I was going through. Although it took me a very long time I lost 14 pounds and saw the efforts of the weight training. I realized that, although losing weight is a great goal, peace of mind and overall wellness is so important. Exercise has now become my therapy! I continue to do personal training with Hanna, who is amazing, kind, and gentle in spirit and tough as a nail in training (lol). I am now, in addition to training, doing pilates and spin classes. I’ll be turning 55 soon and never felt better!

Jacqueline Taylor

I felt better than I had in decades

On my 64th birthday, I looked in the mirror with disgust. Our son’s wedding was only four months away and I couldn’t stand the thought of seeing the embarrassingly fat mother-of-the-groom pictures in our family album for generations to come. Desperate times called for desperate measures so I marched into Energy and scheduled personal training with Martin. That was five months ago. By the time I posed for those pictures I had lost 15 lbs. More importantly, I felt better than I had in decades so I decided to keep it up. For years I’ve wanted to get in shape and tried almost every fad diet and exercise routine. I would go gung ho, get discouraged, and give up. Martin’s intelligent and holistic approach, unending encouragement, and gradual challenge to push me just a little bit more has changed my life.


It’s “CHEERS” without alcohol

My journey began June 29th, 2005. I had injured my knee in March and was just coming out of rehab. I asked for a fitness center recommendation from my PT. I was looking for what I called a non-macho man body builder gym (definition: non-judgmental and friendly to overweight people). Energy was the place. I immediately signed up for 30 training sessions though Foxy. I was assigned to Trevor twice a week (this eventually went to three times a week). We hit it off our first session. This was exactly what I needed.

I was a 56 year old, overweight female who had never exercised in her life. I hated sports and never had any desire to participate. Over the next two years, I lost a total of 100 lbs, started riding a bike again, jogged my first mile ever, went to yoga class and eventually hot yoga, and was in the best shape I had ever been in. My energy level which had already been high, soared. My doctors were thrilled with my test results, low heart rate, low blood pressure, and low cholesterol. I continued my three times a week with Trevor until I moved to Florida in January 2011. I still come back twice a year to visit and train. When I walk in, I am home.

What makes Energy unique is the friendly, family atmosphere. It’s “CHEERS” without alcohol. The owners Mike, Mike, and Trevor want you there, not just for your money but your health and well being. They genuinely care. Although they have grown bigger in size over the last 10 years, they have maintained the personal touch they started with. I gained an extra family when I joined Energy.

All the above and more is why I LOVE ENERGY!

Lorraine Chamblin

Love The Vibe

I’ve always been on some sort of fitness journey. About 6 years ago, I joined Energy Fitness. I would go on and off and always loved the vibe when I walked through the door.

My “love” story with Energy didn’t begin until last November. I decided to start buddy training with my friend Kristen. We partnered up twice a week with Jermaine. We were motivated and committed, and it felt awesome. In March, I ran my first 5Kand two weeks ago, a 10K! This was HUGE for me. I lost about 15 pounds and feel strong and energized. Thank you Energy Fitness for always making me feel at home!

Kristen Cracchiola
St James, NY

Life Changing And Great Energy

Until coming across Energy, I thought all fitness centers were created equal. Energy has changed my life and my opinions on what a gym should be. This is a place where I can come and be greeted by name. The staff here is so friendly at any time I have ever needed them. The smiles and high energy of the team here is wonderful and I always look forward to coming in each day to train.

With their nutritious smoothie bar, the delicious shakes keep me energized and feeling great! I like the other perks like the dumb bells always being organized, the cleanliness of the locker rooms, the entertaining musical sauna, the spin classes and some of the best yoga classes I have experienced. I am so grateful to call Energy my place of Fitness!

Jim Kuehn
Rocky Point, NY

I wake up every morning looking forward to going to the gym

The gym motivates me to get in shape. I wake up every morning looking forward to going to the gym. Plus, I get a little break from the baby (haha). Miss Coleen does a fantastic job, and so do Michelle.

Liana Elfiky

I go about my day with more positive energy than I ever have!

My last gym of 15 years closed over the summer. I was lost and lost motivation to continue my exercise routine. When I became a member at Energy in St. James I found myself again. I became encouraged by the wonderful instructors and even more motivated to take the fabulous classes. I go about my day with more positive energy than I ever have! Thank you Energy!!!

Donna Horner

Energy Fitness is like a second home to me

Energy Fitness is like a second home to me. I have felt comfortable here from day one. The trainers are very friendly and have given me the confidence and inspiration to lose 15 lbs. in three months. I feel stronger and healthier than I’ve ever felt my whole life!

Catherine Calandrino

Love the positive and motivational vibe that Energy offers

I fell in love with Energy when I heard the name. Who couldn’t use some more energy in their lives? I certainly could! From my very first day I have loved the positive and motivational vibe that Energy offers. No matter what else is going on in my life, no matter how cranky I am when I walk into the gym. When I see Gina’s smiling face and enthusiastic greeting, I can feel my stresses slipping away. Training with Patrick is always awesome. He has changed my workout style completely, it’s never boring, he never lets me slack or give up. I feel like I’m on my way to finally really reaching my fitness goals plus it doesn’t hurt that he thinks I’m in my thirties!! (Thanks Patrick). Melissa absolutely makes my Thursday mornings. No matter how much I don’t feel like going to the gym, knowing she is teaching makes me go. She is so positive, fun, and her class is always great. Of course, Marian’s classes, especially Sunday boot camp, keeps me challenging myself. It’s always harder than I remembered but her constant encouragement keeps us all going. All the trainers are fantastic and many of them have come over to me during my workout to make a positive comment, spot me, correct my form or suggest a more. Ryan spotted me on day on the bench press and pushed me to a level I never knew I could get to. Kerry is always great with little tips and Kevin and Lou have both offered assistance at one time or another. Coco’s yoga is fantastic and although I have never tried Zumba, it looks like so much fun.

Overall, my Energy experience has been really great. The owners, management, trainers, instructors, and even members are all awesome and I have truly been loving my energy experience!


Clean, Helpful And Great Results

For a year, on and off, I had very bad sciatic pain in my left leg. A friend suggested that I try yoga before the surgery the doctors wanted to do.

I found out my health insurance was offering Silver Sneakers as of January 1, 2015. Yeah! So I signed up with the folks at Energy. My lucky Day! Dawn, Marie and Kristine are my team!

I no longer have sciatic pain- I have lost 15 pounds and feel great! Your trainers are very kind and helpful. The gym is kept very clean.

Thank you for all you’ve done for me. I wish everyone’s insurance offered this great option.

Judi McLaughlin
East Northport, NY

Energy has introduced me to new people and helped me make new friends

I used to be a very active person when I was younger. I used to dance, play softball, lacrosse, and basketball. I also love to swim a lot. As I got older and went away to school, I stopped doing dance, softball, lacrosse, and basketball but I kept up with swimming. After two knee surgeries, I think I was afraid to do much. Then one day, I got home from work and saw the flyer for Energy. I got over that fear, so one day after work, I stopped in to check it out. I chose to take a step forward instead of backwards in my life. I worked at a desk all day and didn’t want to be lazy after work. It has changed my life by making me become active again and shredding the pounds off me that I had gain over the years of a non-active life. I tried different routes to become active, but I have found that training once a week has been my key to a new me. It also has introduced me to new people and helped me make new friends!

Samantha Horne

I’ve been at Energy since it opened

I’ve been at Energy since it opened. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis a few years ago. With regular cardio and weight lifting routine at Energy and some medication, my bone density has improved and is almost normal again.

That’s my Energy Story.

Maryanne Hickey

A Positive, Life Altering Experience

I initially decided to check out Energy Fitness for two reasons- I was growing dissatisfied with the gym I belonged to, and Energy was offering a special on personal training, which I felt I needed to help with my lower back condition. During the tour, I was impressed with your gym’s cleanliness and its spa-like atmosphere- a dramatic change of pace for what I had become accustomed to. I made a decision “right then and there”, in the summer of 2014, to become a member. It was, without a doubt, a positive, life-altering moment.

The personal training sessions I had with Scott, and the advice he provided, proved to be highly corrective- for my lower back and my physical health in general. And for that, I am most grateful. I continue with his regimen to this day- with a few slight modifications.

The rest of my experience at Energy Fitness is similarly outstanding. The staff “at the desk” is very positive and welcoming- something I definitely did not encounter at the “other gym”. The other trainers are always polite and respectful, as are my fellow gym members- something I believe is fostered by the overall atmosphere of the gym. I also appreciate the fact that the gym is never overly crowded, so one is not competing for space and equipment. Any wait-time I have experienced has been short in duration- an important factor for me since my workouts are generally in the evening, after work.

Overall, I couldn’t be more pleased. The monthly membership dues are a bargain for the first-rate experience. I can see everyone works really hard to keep the place operating in such a clean, efficient, and pleasing fashion. I don’t experience such service very often, so I am happy to let you know how I feel with this letter.

Thank You.

Mark Latino
Stony Brook, NY

Joining Energy has helped me reclaim my life!

Six and a half months ago, three things happened to me;

  1. While attending a school function at my daughter’s school, I overheard another Mom, whom I had just met for the first time, say to a few other Moms she was standing with that I looked nothing like my profile picture on Facebook. She said she thought I was thinner and she was shocked to discover I was so fat. Then, of course, I heard the laughing. I am pretty thick-skinned, but for some reason I was crushed. It hurt really bad and I was embarrassed for myself and my daughter. I cried for days after that.
  2. About a week later, I was looking through some photos with my daughter. She turned to me and asked me why I wasn’t in any of them. I paused and realized that she was right; there were literally no photos of me over the last 10 years. No pictures of me at special events or holding my beautiful kids. I had no answer for her but I did know the reason- I was too ashamed of how I looked. So I hid behind the camera instead.
  3. I got mad. Really mad. I was robbing my children of precious memories. I allowed myself to become something I no longer recognized. I was 38, I had three kids, married and I weighed 207lb. I was depressed and had lost my self-esteem and self-confidence. So I made the decision that I was going to change my life for the better.

My first experience with a gym was disastrous, so I was really nervous about joining another one. Gyms can be so intimidating and even pretentious. I didn’t quite know where to begin – so I picked Energy Fitness because I passed it every day driving to Smithtown and I thought the outside looked nice. I walked in one day and I instantly knew that this gym was different.

I was immediately struck by how bright and immaculate the place was. The next thing I took note of was how friendly the staff was. Angie looked up and greeted me and she immediately gave me a tour. “Energy” is the perfect name for this place – as she walked me around, I noticed that there’s just a positive energy & vibe around the place. I did not feel any intimidation at all.

After the tour, Angie sat with me and asked me what I was looking to get out of my experience there. I told her I wanted to not only look better, but I wanted to feel better too. I quickly followed it up with “I’m not trying to look like Jillian Michaels or anything.” And she immediately said, “Why not? You never know what you’re capable of.” That one statement changed my whole mindset. I knew right then and there that this was the place for me and I joined up.

For the first 5 months or so, I had the pleasure of training mainly with Steve, but also with Joe, Jermaine, and Dean. All were friendly, knowledgeable, and knew how to push me while being supportive at the same time. They all congratulated and complimented me as the weight came off and I became stronger and more fit.

I am always met with smiles, high-fives, and the people there never hesitate to engage me.

Even though I am no longer using a trainer on a regular basis they will still always step to answer my questions and/or show me how to do something.

The class instructors are equally approachable and friendly. Everyone there seems to enjoy their job and they seem happy to be there.

I feel welcomed and like I belong there – not just another client in their book, which makes showing up in general and achieving my goals much easier.

So, how has my life changed since joining Energy?

Well, now I weigh 140lb – I’ve lost 67lb in a little over 6 months. I look and feel 100% better – which were my original goals. However, that is really only a small part of it.

I have found my self-esteem and self-confidence again. I no longer feel ashamed to be seen. I no longer worry about embarrassing my kids of my husband. I quit hiding behind the camera – now I ask people to take pictures of me with my kids and my husband every chance I get. People around me noticed that I smile all the time now and I suppose that is because I’m no longer depressed. I take my kids outside and play with them. We go for walks and do all sorts of activities. I practice their sports with them – I couldn’t do any of these things before because I never had the energy.

I have made friends there and it is an outlet for me on so many levels.

Joining Energy has helped me reclaim my life! I’m so happy now and so is my family. I have joy and exuberance for life now and it affects every other aspect of my life. I am no longer just sitting on the sidelines watching life go by – I am now an active participant of it!

Jenn Wolber
St. James, NY

I always feel welcomed and appreciated here.

I am so glad to belong to a gym that cares about their members. I always feel welcomed and appreciated here. I take classes with Marianne, Melissa, and Emma that are awesome. They are always evolving as instructors and actually care about for and effort – pushing me constantly to be the best I can. I always leave here with an amazing workout and a positive start (or end) to my day.

Cherrnille Burton

Always a smile and words of encouragement from everyone

My Energy story started at the beginning of 2015, as a Christmas gift from my beloved wife Wendy, who showed me the gym and introduced me to several of the staff when they opened up it’s doors here in Miller place. Compassion, friendliness, and a vibrant atmosphere she described when she first walked through the doors of “Energy.”

As being hesitant into going back into a training regime, I was unfortunately severely injured when our country was attacked on 9/11 while serving with the NYPD as a motorcycle Police Officer. Standing in front of the World Trade Center when they were burning and being present when they collapsed, I recall I was in the best of physical shape and health which probably saved my life that day as I often reflect back on the horrors of that fateful day. As the years went on, after my work and exposure to “ground zero” my body, mind, and soul started to slowly deteriorate with numerous symptoms and conditions that eventually ended my police career in 2008.

Numerous respiratory (RADS,COPD, Lung scarring), gastrointestinal and numerous musculoskeletal injuries, three major operations, and a daily regime of endless medications made me feel like I was a 52 year old man living in a 90 year old body. I felt that recovery or hope was nowhere in sight for me.

As I entered the gym for the first time, my wife introduced me to several of the staff, I was met with a friendly face, one of the owners, his name was Trevor. His openness, eagerness, and interest as to what I was through and the physical injuries that I suffered as explained to him was not met as an obstacle by him but words of inspiration and clear “Energy”spoken through this gentleman’s words. I could see that he cared just by his enthusiasm and passion for one’s physical well being and health.

At that point of meeting Trevor, I knew in my heart I was in the right place to get back on the right track and that “Energy Fitness” was the right place to be here in my hometown, Miller Place! As I entered the gym for my first training session (I had some reluctance and hesitation due to my ongoing 9/11 conditions). I was met by another true “angel” at Energy that day. My first training session was with Lou Berrios, who I cannot even thank enough for his guidance, compassion, and empathy as to focusing on getting my body, mind, and soul back into shape! His decision and instinct with his effective methods and the way he trains me “saved my life” and has put me on the right path of being in great physical shape once again!

The energy of the gym doesn’t end with just Trevor and Lou! The great staff of trainers and other support personnel are also contributing to the energy with great support, inspiration, and continued guidance. Always a smile and words of encouragement from everyone which adds to the energy and ongoing spirit of such a great gym!

I owe it to all who are part of the Energy team who make this gym a great place to be!

Anthony Flammia

To us, Energy is more than just a gym, it’s a family

The summer of 2007, I met my girlfriend and shortly thereafter joined Energy, to which she was already a member. That Fall, there was a contest with various events, I entered one which entailed going a certain distance on the rowing machine. To my amazement, I actually had the best time for a member and I won. Eventually, my girlfriend turned into my fiancee and around this time we entered another contest and won a free night’s stay at the Inn in Sag Harbor. The following year, we got married and during our honeymoon is when Energy moved across the street to their current location, holding a grand opening. Last year, my wife gave birth to our wonderful daughter and she was actively going to the gym during her entire pregnancy. We believe it was through her dedication to a healthy lifestyle and an Energy membership that led her to have a wonderful birth. As you can see, Energy has been there for me throughout a greater portion of my adult life, 8 years now and continuing. To us, Energy is more than just a gym, it’s a family.

Dale Clarkson

Energy helped me win over the love of my life

So long story short… Energy helped me win over the love of my life. So I was very overweight and my best friend went to the gym all the time and was in incredible shape. I remember her telling me how she loved a guy who worked hard and was determined to stay healthy and fit. She also told me about this gym Energy, I loved it! It was clean and the people who worked there were a delight. After a few months going there, she noticed my weight loss and I told her I had started going to the same gym, so we started going together. This brought us a lot closer and eventually I had the courage to ask her out.  We are still together and still going to the gym together all the time. A couple that goes to the gym together, stays together!

Andrew Adams

Energy has played a tremendous part of my success

After running the New York City Marathon in 2008, I had major knee surgery in 2009. I was told by my doctor not to run again and averaged weight gain of 20 lbs. per year ballooning to 306 lbs. Faced with some medical concerns, I decided to make some changes in my life. I began to with a nutritionist who guided me to cut out sugar and processed foods. I also joined Energy Fitness. Initially, the physical activity was very difficult for me. What made it easier was the welcoming staff and the quality and availability of the equipment. After losing some weight and having my confidence grow I decided to work with one of Energy’s Personal Trainers. When I started working with Mike Taff I was slow, weak, inflexible, and had terrible balance. Mike’s focus was to build my core and functional movements. He’s pushed me hard enough to show incremental improvements but cautious to avoid injuries. Today, I am in the best shape I’ve been in since my running days. I recently started training for a charity boxing match which I could never have done without my Energy Training. Overall, I’ve lost 70 lbs, 10 pants sizes, and 2 shirt sizes. Energy has played a tremendous part of my success.


Peter Stein

Motivating, Tough, and Fun!

Working out at Energy Fitness has been a regular part of my week for well over ten years. Several members of my family- my husband and my two daughters work out at Energy. We have seen it grow from one small location in St. James to three locations in Suffolk County. Even though it has grown so much in the last ten years, Energy hasn’t lost its personal feel. All of the Energy employees, from owners to the cleaning crew, make an effort to get to know the members, and create a welcoming, supportive community.

My family has worked out with many different trainers, and all have been excellent. They are always motivating, and make an effort to learn about their clients’ needs and goals. The workouts are tough, but working out at Energy is fun.

Before Energy, I worked out at many other local gyms, and I can say that Energy is different from the rest. There is no better gym than Energy.

Denise Valentine
St James, NY

Hands down, Energy has the best classes, most knowledgeable instructors and trainers

I have been a member at Energy for 8 years. Prior to joining Energy, I had been a member at various other health clubs throughout my life. At the other gyms, I had personal trainers and took group classes. Hands down, Energy has the best classes, most knowledgeable instructors and trainers. Along the way, I have met a lot of really nice people and have formed some really nice friendships. At the gym, I am constantly being pushed to challenge myself. Thanks to Energy, today I am stronger mentally and physically.

Eileen Cooke

I am proud to be a member at Energy

It started with an anniversary gift from the love of my life about four years ago and I am still coming!! That is how “Energy” changed my life because I had never stuck with any type of physical routine before that. I enjoyed the feel of the gym from the beginning….the professional, serious nature of the employees and trainers. I originally trained with Dan Moreno and then I was really hooked on the great feeling I had after a tough workout. My trainers have sadly come and gone but I am still here. I genuinely believe that my workouts are helping me to age a little more gracefully and hopefully stay healthy. I am proud to be a member at “Energy” and hope to remain so for many years to come!!!

Jeanne Frantellizzi

Life Changing Experience

The last thing I ever imagined doing was joining a gym. Due to years of fighting MS, just walking across the room had become a major task. Staying awake through the day was another issue; medication didn’t help.

A friend, who also has MS, suggested (quite empathetically) that I try working with Dean at Energy in St James. My try-out visit was really comfortable; I was able to do everything he asked without becoming totally drained. As I continue to work with Dean, I feel like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz after he was given the oil can! This has been really life- changing, a very appropriately named gym!

Joan Carro
Smithtown, NY

There is no judgement, just a feeling of total well being.

My love story is how I learned to love myself inside and out by taking care of my body and mind taking classes at Energy. They offer a variety of classes to suit everybody. They have yoga and pilates to strength training, aerobic classes and much more.

The certified instructors are dedicated to giving you the best experience every time. They love what they do and it shows. I believe they want you to be the best you!

There is something for everyone no matter age or shape. Once I started I couldn’t wait to come back for more. After each workout I walk out with a smile on my face and a sense of accomplishment, which keeps me coming back for more.

There is no judgement, just a feeling of total well being. It’s a great gift I give to myself and I deserve to be the best me! No matter what life may bring, I look forward to going to Energy to de-stress, laugh and have a great workout while getting a healthy heart and body.

Lynne G.

Energy gave me the courage, incentive, and tools to stick to a plan and be successful

I’ve tried multiple exercise plans over the last 8 years. Energy gave me the courage, incentive, and tools to stick to a plan and be successful!  Thank you!


Doctors Orders Meet Supportive Trainers

I joined Energy in March of 2014 after my doctor told me I had to strengthen my hip or I would need surgery. From the moment I walked in the door I felt welcomed by the Energy Staff. They listened to my concern and understood what I was looking for in a gym. I met with one of the owners and he suggested working with a trainer. I took his recommendation and worked with a trainer once a week. Within a couple months I was feeling better. Then I joined the reformer Pilate’s class. I have become so much stronger since I joined Energy and the issue with my hip has greatly improved.

The thing I like most about Energy is the Energy Team. They are friendly, supportive, always willing to help and want to see me achieve my goals. Energy is the best gym I have ever belonged to. It is also well maintained and clean.

Patty Lee
East Setauket, NY

I love it here!

I started coming to Energy when it first started, when there was one building across the street of another studio on Lake ave. My mom started taking the Zumba classes and she literally fell in love with them. SO she told me to come with her cause I needed to exercise (I was mad chubby). So I started going with her. I notice the weight slowly but surely coming off of me. I took more classes like yoga and sculpt. Eventually, I moved into running on the treadmill and doing the elliptical when the new building was created. By my junior year of high school, I was in incredible shape! It literally changed my life and made me feel great inside and out. I love it here! My current boyfriend also comes here and has lost so much weight. We both went away to college and gained the dreaded freshman fifteen but now we are back at it trying to lose it again. Thanks so much Energy Fitness!

Susana Delgado

Energy is always looking to improve and satisfy their customers.

It took me 7 years after giving birth to 2 kids to return to a gym. I had gained 28 lbs and never had any motivation to work out. FInally I joined a local gym. I always wanted a gym close to home because it’s convenient. Unfortunately that gym closed down and “Energy” came to Miller Place ready to give us all the support and amenities that all of us were looking for.

Energy is not just another gym looking to make money off their customers. They really care about our needs and concerns. THey listen to our complains as well as our input. It is a brand new, state of the art facility. It is always clean and smells fresh. They even have a shake (protein) bar! They offer great hours and for parents they even offer free babysitting. I cannot even begin to say how important that is for moms. You need a dependable and safe place to leave your kids while you workout stress free.

Energy has definitely changed my life, routine, and daily motivation to get myself to a gym. I look forwards everyday to walking in and saying hi to friends including the workers. They know my name, I am not just another number there. It is a small, friendly and in some ways family oriented gym. Mary, Gina and many others are always willing to help. The instructors are excellent and classes are so well put together. Energy is always looking to improve and satisfy their customers.


Belonging to this gym has truly been a lifesaver and helped me reclaim my life back

I have been a member of this gym since it opened its doors. In 2012, I had two surgeries which had a tough impact on my body. I had lost strength and also full range of motion in my arms. I signed up for physical therapy and then a trainer at the gym. I slowly was able to get back my strength and range of motion! Belonging to this gym has truly been a lifesaver and helped me reclaim my life back. I continue to get stronger everyday and owe it all to the wonderful team at Energy. They gave me confidence that if I work hard, I could succeed at my goals in fitness.


The spin classes at Energy have been a highlight of my time

I live abroad and only have a few weeks to spend here each summer. The spin classes at Energy have been a highlight of my time! The equipment, instructors and overall challenge are great. As for the gym, it’s well run and well appointed!

J Maggri

Energy Fitness is the best neighbor we could hope for!

Energy Fitness makes me look forward to working out. As the mom of two daughters, 20 & 22, we are always looking into new ways to look and feel good and healthy. The staff is friendly, the facility is clean and the schedule of classes is changed up as to the needs of the clientele.  I’ve lived in this neighborhood for over twenty years and Energy Fitness is the best neighbor we could hope for!

Kathleen Failla