Energy Fitness is more than a gym

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive bone cancer (Chondrosarcoma) which had spread through most of my left femur and quad muscle. After undergoing a radical surgery and reconstruction, I was left unable to walk. I was so deeply grateful to be cancer free, but still grieved the loss of my physicality. Through PT, I slowly regained some mobility, but it seemed unlikely I would have an active lifestyle again. As a single mom of a young child, that was a very hard reality to accept.

After speaking with Mike Tucci at Energy Fitness, I began to see a different future for myself. His boundless enthusiasm is contagious. Mike and the team at Energy showed genuine dedication, ongoing encouragement and a broad vision for a fitness program that would help me regain mobility and my life back. They saw potential in me that I found hard to see myself.

I recently began working with a trainer, Dean. In a short time, I can feel my leg “waking up”. During one session, I became emotional as muscles that I thought were “lost” and would most likely remain unresponsive, began to work again and “join the party.” It is difficult to describe the joy and gratitude I felt in that moment.

I have a long way to go, but with Team Energy I have found a fantastic partner on my journey. As I celebrate my two year anniversary cancer free, I’m feeling so much more optimistic about my recovery. Energy Fitness is more than a gym. Their heartfelt commitment to wellness is changing lives. They are helping me reclaim my life not only for myself, but for my young daughter as well, and that is a gift beyond measure. Thank you!

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