Welcome to Long Island's premier fitness destination

For 20 years, Energy has been providing Long Islander’s everywhere a unique fitness experience. We are a boutique health and fitness club with 5 locations on Long Island. We are dedicated to helping you improve your quality of life through personal one on one, professional health and fitness coaching.

Never pay for a gym membership, studio classes, or amenities ever again

The key to being successful on your fitness journey is having the right support to guide and motivate you. That’s why at Energy, we provide every member with a private 1-on-1 meeting with either a personal fitness or nutrition coach at least once per month.

Connect with your coach anytime, anywhere with the Energy Fitness app​

Get nutrition guidance that will fuel your workouts

Enjoy encouragement and accountability to keep you motivated

Pick from a variety of coaching options to fit your needs

Signature Studio Classes

At Energy Fitness, we’ve curated three 45-minute signature studio classes that revolve around the major modalities: strength, endurance, balance & flexibility. Our instructors are put through a minimum of 100 hours in each course to be certified to teach one of our core classes. 


This signature workout blends strength and endurance while burning fat and building lean muscle mass. In a STRONG session, you will likely utilize free weights, kettlebells, air bikes, rowers, SkiErgs, TRX, and more!

Energy FLEX

Strengthen & tone your muscles with this barre and Pilates inspired class! Utilizing props and barres to simulate and maximize core strength, while also defining glutes, legs, and arms.

Energy RYDE

Saddle up and burn serious calories as you embark on this epic cycling journey! RYDE is a high-intensity group experience that is sure to shred calories and strengthen muscles.