Get in shape and crush your goals with the Energy Fitness iOS app

Crushing your goals has never been more convenient with our new Energy FitFam app. At Energy Fitness, we’re all about camaraderie, engagement and fun, and we’re always looking for innovative ways to bring the community together. We launched our app with tools designed to help you get inspired, motivated and in the best shape of your life.

Workout feature: When you’re ready to take your workout to the next level, the FitFam app can help. Follow along with Energy Elite Trainers’ popular workouts, check out the “Workout of the Week” and unlock top performance achievements for added accountability and motivation. Can’t make it to the gym? Access workouts and videos wherever you are, so you never have to miss a gym session again.

Activity feed: The community activity feed is where the Energy FitFam gathers to get inspired. Connect with our community in the activity feed to stay up to date on what other Energy members are up to, share your workout goals and accomplishments and root each other on. You can post videos of your own workouts to share some motivation and watch other members’ videos if you’re in need of a little extra motivation yourself.

Trainer feature: Access our Energy Fitness Elite training team’s hand-selected featured workouts, purchase your Elite packages and tap into the expertise of our certified and skilled training team, all in the palm of your hand. Our team is ready to design a custom fitness and nutrition plan to meet your specific needs and goals.

Check in and view appointments: We’ve made it easier to get into the gym with club-specific tools to make your experience even better than it already was. Now you can check in for appointments, view appointment times and purchase training sessions right within the app.

When we designed this app, we had YOU and your specific fitness and nutrition goals in mind. When you join the FitFam app community, you’ll be one step closer to reaching your goals with 24/7 access to motivation and accountability In an easy-to-use app.

Ready to get started? The app is available to download for all iOS devices now and is coming soon to Android. Join the Energy FitFam here.

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