Holiday Gift Guide for Your Fitness Friends and Family

Can you believe the holidays are already upon us? It’s time to start thinking about everyone on your gift list, and that includes your FitFam. Here are a few ideas to delight the fitness lovers in your life. Don’t forget to treat yourself, too!

Water bottles: One of the most important accessories for every workout is a water bottle, and carrying a refillable bottle everywhere ensures adequate H20 intake both inside the gym and out. Pick out a sturdy bottle in your gift recipient’s favorite color so they think of you every time they hydrate.

Gym Apparel: Looking good in your workout gear is extra motivation to get to the gym. It’s easy to represent the Energy FitFam and look incredible while working up a sweat with merchandise from the Energy shop. We keep our online shop stocked with shirts, hats and totes that will make the gift recipient look as great as they feel after a workout. We’re adding new items all the time, so check back often.

Yoga Mat: A new yoga mat holds a special place in the hearts of true yogis, and it will make them feel extra cared for every time they hit the mat. Play detective by finding out what their favorite yoga brand is before shopping, and you’ll delight them every session.

Gym Towels: When you’re seriously committed to the gym life, you know that having a towel on hand can make or break your workout. Choose a few high-quality, ultra-absorbent towels to gift your gym buddy.

Gym Membership: Give the gift of long-term health by surprising your loved one with an annual gym membership. They will have no excuse not to conquer their goals when all they have to do is show up to their local Energy club.

Personal Training Session: Kick off your friend’s or family member’s health journey with a personal Elite Energy Training session or package tailored to their specific health and nutrition goals. Stop in to your club location to meet our team and tell us about the lifestyle of the person you’re shopping for, and our team of Elite training professionals can help you choose a package to meet their specific fitness needs.

If you’re shopping for someone who is already a member of the Energy FitFam but aren’t sure what to gift them, come by the membership desk the next time you’re in for ideas. Our gift to YOU is a free five-day all-access membership. Click here to claim yours today!

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