Staying Motivated in the Gym During the Winter Months

We know it can be challenging to keep your gym routine strong in the winter. It’s cold outside, there is less daylight, and there’s a lot on your to-do list outside the gym.

Instead of letting your fitness fall to the wayside, winter is the perfect time to kick it up a notch and pave the way for an upcoming year of strong health. Here’s how Energy recommends staying motivated for the gym during the winter months:

Hold yourself accountable: A little bit of extra accountability can go a long way. Our Energy Elite Trainers are here to help you create a personalized fit plan so you can accomplish your goals and stay on track. When you need some extra motivation, our Elite team is ready to help you take action. Create a fit plan on our app with your 1-1 trainer to stay on track in and outside of our clubs!

Meet our one-on-one training team.

Partner up with a gym buddy: It’s not only more fun to work out with a gym buddy, but setting an actual time and date to meet someone at the gym is a great way to stay excited and accountable to your fitness goals. Find a buddy that has similar goals as you and help each other stay on track. Get a workout sesh in together or sign up for one of Energy’s array of group training classes.

Join group training: Even if you’re short on time, you can still squeeze in an effective workout. Our Energy Strong 45-minute group trainings are designed to be fast, effective and, most importantly, fun. Join an upcoming STRONG class today!

Connect with the Energy community: If you’re feeling a little unmotivated, our community is here to help! Connect with your Energy FitFam through our app and create your own FIT PLAN to hold yourself accountable. Set reminders and check off your daily accomplishments as you go! The app is available for iOS devices with intro features to Android and more to come.

Tap into peak energy hours: Choose a daily workout time that works with your schedule, specifically at a time that you typically have your highest energy levels. Our clubs are conveniently open to members seven days a week, with hours that fit your lifestyle. Check out our club hours for your next workout!

Set and keep a gym routine: It’s a proven fact that setting and maintaining a routine ingrains good habits into your brain. The more you stick to a routine, the easier it is to keep at it. Set up your Fit Plan on the FitFam app to incorporate a daily workout so you’re sure to get moving, even on the days it’s a little bit harder to make it in.

Make Energy your partner in health and fitness all year long. If you need some extra accountability, we’d love to talk to you about strategies that will work for your life and specific goals. Take advantage of our free, five-day trial to get started today!

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