Welcome 2020 with fitness-focused goals

The New Year is the time of the year when gyms across the country fill up with people who have promised to make health a priority. Many of those people start out strong, but slowly return back to their old habits.

So, what is the key to following through with your New Year’s fitness resolutions and getting in the best shape of your life?

Setting smaller, attainable goals that you can measure will make it easy to keep coming back to the club each day throughout the year. Here are a few fitness-focused tips to help you focus on health this year:

Break a sweat at least once a day: Even if you’re not feeling entirely motivated, staying in a consistent habit of getting at least 30 minutes of heart-pumping exercise each day will leave you looking forward to your workout the next day. If you can’t make it into the club, choose an activity that raises your heart rate like going for a walk or finishing an Energy Workout of the Week on the Energy FitFam app!

Have you ever heard anyone say they felt worse after a workout? We didn’t think so.

Have Fun: Working out is much more inspiring and motivating when you’re part of a community that supports you and keeps you motivated. Stay motivated and have fun with exercise by bringing a friend to an Energy STRONG Team Training class or group fitness class. If you’re friend isn’t a member, have them grab a free 5-day Trial Pass!

Rest when you need it: It may seem counterintuitive to getting in shape but resting between workouts is one of the most important components to developing a solid fitness routine that lasts. Incorporate rest days into your routine to allow your muscles time to repair so you’re recharged the next time you hit the club. Don’t forget to make sure you’re getting an adequate amount of quality sleep daily to keep your energy levels strong.

 We would love the opportunity to help you crush your goals this year. This New Year, join Energy Fitness and receive $100 off your new membership!

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