Give your body love this Valentine’s Day with healthy choices

You may have thought the holidays and season of overindulgence were behind you, but grocery store aisles are lined with sugary sweets and other temptations for Valentine’s Day, testing even those most committed to their health. No matter if you have a Valentine, show yourself and your body some love this Valentine’s Day!

Stay on track and make healthy choices that will keep you feeling good and looking great, for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Dine-In: Instead of dining out at a restaurant that may not serve healthy options, opt to dine-in with your own healthy options that will help you avoid overindulging. Need some recipe inspiration? Our Energy Elite 1-on-1 Personal Trainers are ready to help guide you to proper nutrition for a healthier lifestyle beyond only Valentine’s Day!

Happiness Boost: Feeling alone this Valentine’s Day? Instead of indulging in ice cream and romance movies, do something for yourself that will make you feel good! One way to keep your spoon out of the pint, join Energy for a flowing yoga class to bring yourself serenity and inner peace. You may also want to try going for a walk outside or treating yourself to a full-body massage!

Choose heart-pumping activities: Conversation Hearts shouldn’t be the only way to your heart this Valentine’s Day! Get your own heart pumping daily with at least 30 minutes of physical activity to increase your heart rate and get a good sweat. Invite your “Galentine” or your even your date to try one of our 45-minutes Energy Strong Team Training Classes for a fun and effective workout that gets the job done and leaves you feeling ready to take on the rest of your weekend.

Don’t deprive yourself of treats: One of the main reasons people give up their commitments and routines is because they become burnt-out. To avoid burn-out this Valentine’s Day, allow yourself small indulgences or a day off. If you treat yourself and your body to what it craves, choose something that is worth it to you, like a chocolate protein shake from Energy or piece of dark chocolate, and get back to your regularly scheduled routine afterward.

Skip the impulse buys: We know it can be challenging to look the other way when the aisles of stores are lined with chocolates and brightly colored desserts. Snacking on a piece of chocolate here or there may not seem like a big deal, but it’s easy to lose track of the small treats that add up to big variances from your health. If you have a craving while at the store, try purchasing almond butter, fruit or Greek yogurt to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Ready to jump-start your heart and health this Valentine’s Day? Stay strong and healthy with Energy by getting your very own FREE 5-day trial pass!

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