Strengthening Your Body with Core Exercises

You’ve heard of “core exercises,” but do you know what they are and why they are so important to your fitness routine?

Core exercises focus on exactly what the name implies, the core of your body! This includes the muscles surrounding and stabilizing your spine and hips, including your lower back, pelvis and abdomen.

Every movement you make is powered by this area of your body.

Together, these muscles give you strength and balance. To ultimately strengthen these muscles, your body should focus more on body weight, and less on props such as abdominal machines, benches and balls.

Core exercises are important because strong core muscles help you both inside and outside of the club. During exercise, your core muscles can help prevent injury and maximize the effectiveness of workouts. In your everyday life, a strengthened core helps prevent pain caused by daily activity or strenuous movement such as manual labor. When you incorporate these exercises into your fitness, you create a foundation for increased strength and endurance throughout your entire body.

During Energy’s 45-minute STRONG Team Training Classes, we focus on isolating and activating your core muscles with a combination of heart-pumping cardio and HIIT strength exercises to keep both your mind and body engaged. Many types of core-strengthening equipment used in an Energy STRONG Classes are a spin bike, air dyne bike, ski erg, rower, and, of course, body- and free-weights.

These 45-minute STRONG Team Training workouts are the perfect hybrid between HIIT and weight training to improve your core and overall health.

If you’re getting tired of your own core exercises, spruce up your fitness routine by signing up for an Energy STRONG Team Training class and see what the buzz is all about!

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