How You Can Get Motivated for the Summer

Summer may seem far away when you’re bundled up and sunlight is minimal, but warmer weather is just around the corner! Spring is the time of the year when people often feel motivated and inspired to get a fresh start with their fitness journeys.

If you fell off track with your fitness this winter, don’t stress! Here are a few tips on how you can increase your motivation to get back to a healthier you leading into the summer:

  1. Establish a routine: The first club visit after the winter blues can be difficult. But, once you’re there, the familiar rush of endorphins and post-workout energy will all come flooding back to you. To set yourself up for success, set up a plan to establish a consistent routine. If you need some extra accountability or help developing a plan, our Energy FITFAM Mobile app equips you with a personalized Fit Plans to help you get started! Stay on track with a daily habit checklist and see your results come to life.
  2. Spring clean your fitness wardrobe: Never underestimate the power of feeling good while working out! Treat yourself to comfortable workout clothes and accessories that make you feel confident. Spring clean your closet and get rid of anything that makes you feel less than strong when you step into the club. Don’t have much in your fitness wardrobe? Build one with new workout clothes that will leave you feeling motivated in and outside the gym!
  3. Ask for help: We understand it can be intimidating to ask for help when it comes to fitness. However, the Energy team is equipped with the knowledge, resources, and answers you need to help guide you toward the help you’re seeking. Better yet, our team is available in-club and on-the-go with the Energy FITFAM App! Stay connected with your Elite Personal Trainer or Energy Community on the app with our class groups, workouts of the week and news feed to connect and find your motivation.

If you’re ready to take control of your health and nutrition but aren’t sure where to start, that’s where we come in. Step into summer feeling confident and motivated with a free five-day pass and experience the Energy!

Shape into Summer Promotion: Get out of hibernation and start getting your mind and body ready for warmer weather! Shape into Summer from April 20 through May 24 with a challenge made just for YOU. Check in to the club between these dates 20+ times to earn a $30 store credit. Plus, you’ll need to stay hydrated this summer, so we’re offering an exclusive Energy Fitness water bottle when you sign up! Stop by during your next visit for more details.

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