Taking Back your Back

Whether you’re working from home or adding a commute to your office, you may be one of the many people suffering from the adverse effects of desk culture. Tight shoulders, neck pain, lower back and hip soreness are all common symptoms of poor posture and excessive time spent seated improperly. According to a study conducted by the Mayo Clinic the average adult spends 6.5 hours a day sitting. These effects can be counteracted by intermittent breaks incorporating stretching, walking or even standing. For people who average 8 hours or more of sitting with no counteraction, the risks posed can be comparable to smoking and obesity. Hard to just sit on those stats, no? Back pain is one of the most preventable ailments, however it’s currently ranked 6th in the most most costly conditions in the United States and one of the leading reasons for days work days missed among Americans. In this issue we’ll review a few tips to improve your poster while seated and how to capitalize on your breaks to help increase bloodflow to underutilized muscles and relax and lengthen tight ones.

7th Inning Stretch

Even professional athletes wouldn’t play their sport for 6-8 hours straight, every day with no breaks. Deliberately scheduled periods of adequate recovery are one of the most critical components to endurance and sustainable, long term results. Even dedicating an entire day to active recovery will reveal measurable improvements in physical performance, mental sharpness and more restful sleep. Approaching desk culture in this same light will help improve susceptibility to the avoidable aches and pains that’s stem from remaining seated for extended periods of time.

Relaxing Your Hip Flexors

Relaxing Your Hip Flexors Relaxing Your Hip Flexors

Flex & Flow

Making the time to stretch around your work schedule.

To incorporate a new habit into your routine, the best time to start is first thing in the morning, before the work day can sweep you away with impending deadlines and unexpected curveballs. Set a realistic and maintainable personal goal that dedicates the specific time and space you will use to complete your stretches. Maybe it’s before you check your phone or while your coffee brews. Remember: Prevention is more cost-effective than treatment and often more effective, too. Lunch breaks are also great opportunities to take 5 minutes to stretch prior to eating your meal. Even bathroom breaks can serve as an opportunity to pick one exercise to incorporate before settling back into your chair. For added accountability, using your FitPlan on the Energy FitFam app is a great way to set reminders and receive positive nudges from your FitFam community. If you haven’t set up your FitPlan yet, be sure to schedule a quick Energizer with your Energy Concierge to set it up. Finally, for those who want a little more emphasis on alleviating sore muscle and improving overall flexibility, be sure to try our FLEX and FLOW classes given daily and open to all. Group and private sessions are available. We want to hear from you! Questions? Comments? Which topics would you like to see featured on our newsletters? Email us at: tania@energyfitfam.com
Outdoor Classes
Fresh air and sun are some of the best endorphin-boosters!