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Taking the First Step Back into Fitness after COVID

COVID has made this past year very difficult especially when it comes to our physical and mental health. Many of us have created different routines and have sought out more creative ways to keep our bodies moving. Others haven’t moved their body very much at all since last being at the gym. Whether you stayed active or not during COVID, the gym can sound very intimidating or even feel like it’s your first time stepping into one all over again! Don’t worry, we have the MAP ( motivation, accountability & plan ) to ensure you feel more confident in the gym than ever before.

       So, you’ve been home for the past few months and don’t know where to start? The key to getting back into fitness is to take things slow. Your body may not be used to working out the way that you used to and coming back to the gym can feel like a lot at once. Taking things step by step is ideal to finally get into the gym and make it long-lasting. Everyone’s steps can look different but here are a few simple steps to get started:

Reach out to your local gym and reactivate that membership! (this is the hardest part!) 

Speak with your personal fitness & lifestyle coach to put together the perfect “back to the gym” fitness plan.

Meet with your personal trainer at least once a month (or more if you can!) 

Listen to your body, take breaks as needed!  Going too hard too fast can lead to injury, and we don’t want that!

     Calling your gym is the first step and can often be the most difficult part. It is important that you remember why you’re calling! The gym staff often knows how to help you stay motivated and guide you through the process of rejoining the gym. Let your gym know that you’d like to meet with a personal trainer who can help you create a fitness plan. Your trainer will know how to ease you back into your workouts and will give you a plan. Once you’re past these steps, it is important to listen to your body. Giving yourself breaks when you need to is essential to getting back into your gym routine. 

      Being away from the gym for a long time can be hard but it can feel even harder to come back. When health and fitness are a priority, it is important that you take the necessary steps to create a healthy lifestyle. Fitness is the best medicine for your mental health and after COVID, many of us need that extra boost. Energy Fitness supports you taking care of yourself and pushing yourself to be your best. Call your gym today and get started!

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