Top 3 ways to drink more water

Top 3 Ways to Drink more Water this Summer

Summer is here and so is National Hydration Day! Being in the sun more often and being more active calls for more water. Water makes up 70% of our bodies and drinking more can improve your overall health. Whether you are an athlete, love spending days at the beach, or just like hanging around the house, water is essential. The benefits of drinking water are endless:
Helps to excrete waste from the body

  • Helps to excrete waste from the body
  • Aids digestion
  • Helps you lose weight
  • Fights off illness
  • Regulates your body temperature
  • Maximizes physical performance

Many of us often forget to drink water during the day or do not see it as an important part of our self care. The truth is that if you aren’t getting enough water, you can cause many health issues for yourself. We created a list of ways to increase your water intake and stay hydrated this Summer!

The first question that many people ask when it comes to hydration is, how much water should I be drinking? In general, most men should be drinking 125 ounces of water each day while women should be drinking 91 ounces a day. This may sound like a lot but with a few easy steps, you will be as hydrated as ever! Try to incorporate the following tips into your daily routine to maximize your water intake:

  • As your first task of the day, drink a glass of water. By making this the first thing you do, you eliminate all the excuses you might make later in the day as to why you can’t drink your water.
  • Try to incorporate flavor into your water. A great way to do this is to add lemon or fruits. You can also find a zero calorie flavor to add at your local supermarket.
  • Rather than drinking a soda, coffee or juice, drink a glass of water instead. Not only will this make you more hydrated but it will also eliminate sugary drinks from your diet.
  • Eat more foods high in water. This can include many delicious vegetables like celery or lettuce. Make a tasty meal with these ingredients and add some nutrients into your diet.
  • Get a water bottle that makes you WANT to drink water. The new Energy Fitness shaker bottle is the perfect size to carry with you throughout the day, makes it easy to incorporate flavor into your water, and it’s sleek design makes it stand out in the best way!

Drinking water can sound like a chore but by incorporating it in creative ways, it can be fun! Not only this but it will also improve your health, keep your skin clear, and improve your overall mood. By following our easy steps and slowly adding more and more water into your day, you are sure to be hydrated. Say goodbye to the days of being tired and dull because hydration will give you the boost you need to have an amazing Summer.

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