Teen Fitness Training
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Teen Fitness Training at Energy Fitness

The foundation to a healthy lifestyle starts at a young age. It is super easy to live an unhealthy lifestyle and not even realize it. Teen fitness is the best way to make sure that this doesn’t happen. Whether your teen has been involved in sports or has never participated in exercise, our gym has the perfect program. Teenagers already have the stress of high school and trying to maintain a workout routine on their own can be very difficult. Our Teen fitness program is a mix of personal training and youth sports training that will have your teen learning more and more about how to live a healthy lifestyle. Our elite personal trainers know how to get your teen moving!


Our trainers don’t just hand your teen some weights and tell them to lift, instead, they create a personalized FitPlan for every teen. FitPlans are fitness plans that are designed to help you meet your fitness goals. Not only will your teen’s trainer create workouts and meal plans for them but they can also monitor that they are reaching their goals. The FitPlan gives trainers the ability to see what workouts your teen is getting done on their own and what food they’re eating. It is the perfect tool for trainers to make sure your teen is reaching their set goals. What better way to stay on a fitness plan than to consistently receive feedback from a personal trainer.

Sessions and Group Training

Everyone has a different fitness journey which is why we offer many options for our teens. Our teen fitness program is offered in a 4-week program and an 8-week program. Depending on your teen’s goals and schedule, you can choose the best fit! Also, if your teen has a friend or a sibling who is also super interested in training, they can join as a group. Up to 5 teen’s can join a group training session to work on their fitness goals with a personal trainer. Get the whole team in there for some agility training before the season starts! Our trainers know how to get them prepared.

Teen fitness training is one of the best activities for teenagers to work towards their personal fitness goals. A personal trainer will be able to assess your teen’s current fitness level and provide them with everything they need to create healthy habits!

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