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Energy Member? Let’s get Virtual!

It is no secret that virtual events have been thriving over the past year. This year, virtual events emerged initially due to safety concerns but have continued as people notice the convenience of attending from anywhere in the world. Why go into the office or even the gym when you can do it from the comfort and safety of your own home! Fitness is an essential part of our lives which is why we want all of our members to receive the tools and knowledge that they need even if they can’t make it to the gym. Over the pandemic, Energy Fitness has evolved its training offering to include both ELITE 1-ON-1 Live training, and live SQUAD Group Classes. Did you know that if you’re an Energy member, you’re already granted unlimited access to our full Virtual SQUAD Group Classes for no additional cost?

Why Virtual?

You may be thinking, why take virtual fitness classes? A lot of us have only taken classes in a gym setting and in-person. Interacting with a trainer and other gym members is an incredible and motivating experience but sometimes it is just too difficult to make it to the gym. What if we told you that our virtual classes offer this same experience? Some days, fitting the gym into your schedule can feel almost impossible. Our virtual classes offer you the flexibility you’ve been looking for. On those days when you can’t make it to the gym or you feel like giving up, you can simply log onto your laptop and get that daily workout in. We promise, you’ll be feeling so glad that you did!

Whether you are interested in virtual group training only or would like to use both our gym and virtual group training, we have options! You can easily find the perfect balance between in-person and virtual training because we are offering all of our members access to all virtual SQUAD classes at no additional cost. Get that workout in at the gym or from your home!

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