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Best Hiking Trails in Suffolk County

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, we can all benefit from long walks, especially hiking. Did you know that hiking can lower your risk of heart disease, boost your bone density, build strength and improve balance all at once? There are not many other workouts that can improve so much all at the same time. On top of all of these great benefits, hiking is also a natural mood booster! Sometimes our bodies just need a little movement in order to be at their best. Luckily, there are many incredible hiking trails here in Suffolk County waiting for you.

Suffolk County Hiking Trails

When we need some extra movement in our day, it can be easy to ignore but with some of the best hiking trails in our area, you can make sure you are giving your body what it needs. These trails are the perfect place to get those steps in, listen to your favorite music and enjoy nature.

1. Quogue Wildlife Refuge

Visit this Quogue hiking trail for a beautiful walk to the Dwarf pines that lasts for miles. See fish, tortoises, and birds throughout the entire trail.

2. Avalon Park & Preserve

At this Stony Brook park you’ll find a gorgeous pond filled with swans and fish surrounded by foliage from the trail. As you walk further back, you will find a hidden trail made of bridges and steps. If you walk far enough, you may even find the hidden globe!

3. Hallock State Park Preserve

This Riverhead trail is just up the road from shops and across from a vineyard. If you walk a little further down the trail, you will also find a small beach! There is no way you will be bored on this hike.

4. Blydenburgh Park

Head over to Smithtown to find one of the most relaxing hiking trails. Not only does this trail have a beautiful lake but it is dog-friendly! Bring your dog to the large dog park and relax on the quiet trail.

5. Cold Spring Harbor State Park

Up for a more challenging hike? Cold Spring Harbor state park has an incredible trail that leads to some great views at the top. This sandy trail can be a little more difficult than the others and has lots of steps to climb. If you find the previously mentioned trails a little too easy, challenge yourself with this one!

Hiking can be a great hobby to incorporate into your life and your fitness journey. It is a great way to create a healthier lifestyle and for those days when you don’t want to hit the gym. Bored on the weekend unsure of what to do? Pack up a lunch and bring the family to one of these amazing Suffolk hiking trails. It is sure to be an adventure!

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