Personal Training Rockville Centre, NY
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RVC Mega Early Bird Pre-Sale Event

The most supportive fitness family in the world is coming to Rockville Centre! In our over 20 years making Long Island stronger, we’ve discovered that everybody needs somebody. Which is why every member of Energy Fitness gets a personal fitness and lifestyle coach to help them reach their fitness goals. The more motivation, accountability and planning a client has, the more successful they are on their fitness journey. Along with your personal trainer, you will get access to SQUAD classes, an open gym and a full restoration room. What more could you ask for? With highly experienced trainers, instructors, and staff to help you along the way, you will be on your path to success in no time.

Our Clubs

    With 4 clubs in Suffolk County, NY, we are very excited to be expanding into Nassau County! All of our clubs offer personal training with every membership, SQUAD classes, open gym and a friendly staff. Once you step into our gyms, you will not only be met by an amazing club staff and top-tier equipment, but also a community of people working towards their goals and encouraging one another. THIS is what makes us different.


   Our personal fitness and lifestyle coaches are not your normal trainers. They are trained to “MAP” out your fitness plan which stands for Motivation, Accountability, and Plan. The MAP is the best way to ensure that you stay on a great fitness plan for life! It is super common to start a fitness journey only to fall off of it and find yourself back at square one. With the MAP, our personal fitness and lifestyle coaches are able to motivate you by pushing you to your limits, sharing their journeys, and encouraging you with thoughtful words. They can hold you accountable when you can’t find the strength to do so yourself. It makes it a lot harder to give up on a journey when someone is counting on you. Finally, trainers will create a fitness plan just for you. With these three strategies, you will be set up for success!

SQUAD Classes

Not only do we offer 1-ON-1 ELITE personal training, but we also offer a variety of SQUAD classes. SQUAD classes are not your normal fitness classes. We offer three different classes that will all make you feel great. Check out which one you might enjoy:

  1. STRONG- This is a high-intensity, HIIT style class that focuses on cardio as well as weight training. You will not be leaving without a sweat!
  2. FLEX- Looking for something a little bit lower in intensity? FLEX is a Pilates/barre focused class but don’t let it fool you, it will still give you a challenge.
  3. RYDE- Cardio, cardio, cardio! This spin class will have you feeling like a million bucks. If cardio is your thing, then RYDE may be perfect!

With our trained instructors, you will not be leaving any SQUAD class feeling disappointed. Our instructors make sure that every class member is challenged just enough. This means, they will help to create modifications for exercises that are too difficult but will also push you when they know you can do it! The best part is that our SQUAD classes are limited to a small group so that instructors have time to focus on all class members when needed.
If you’ve never heard of Energy Fitness, you may be curious as to what we’re about. How do some in-person classes sound? Maybe some free food/drink? Or even activities for the kids? You will find all of this and more at our MEGA pre-sale event in Rockville Centre. We want to show you what we’re about and meet you face-to-face! Sign up to book your spot in one of the classes being offered so that you can see if it’s something for you. Meet our leadership team and learn more about us all while having fun. Reserve your spot today at

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