Why Do You Fall Off Track With Health & Fitness
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What Causes People To Fall Off Track With Their Health And Fitness?

What causes people to fall off track? And how to avoid them?

We’ve already made it a quarter of the way into the new year! Which means we still have plenty of time to crush our goals and uphold our resolutions, but many of us might begin noticing the challenge of perseverance. As you forge your path for success in 2022, there are some common stumbling blocks that trip people up – and some practices that can keep you on track!


There’s a reason we make you jump and move upward in physical exercise – because some obstacles must be overcome. 

Time: The most valuable commodity. We’re all given the same 24 hours in a day, but balancing life, work, and self is the tightrope of all tightropes. Setting aside time each day to prioritize your health should be top on your list – because while you can’t buy more time, you can do the work to ensure that you enjoy every minute you’ve been given! But life gets so busy. There always seems to be more pressing things to do. Time has a wonderful way of showing us what is really important, and how easy it is to mismanage.

Willpower: Planning ahead, finding motivation, and committing to discipline are no small things. Some believe that willpower is limited, and each person has a daily allotment, or threshold, that can be depleted. Others believe that willpower is more like a muscle that needs to be exercised and can grow in strength and capacity; that successfully resisting temptations and achieving goals only reinforces your willpower. Either way, without the drive to keep moving forward, little will be accomplished. It’s up to you to keep going, to not lose sight of what’s important.

Frustration: Results can take time. There’s no 2-day shipping option here. In a world of instant gratification, it can be frustrating when results don’t reveal themselves quick enough. Discouragement has the power to derail any well-laid plans or intentions. But health and fitness is a lifestyle; and healthy bodies require a lot  – exercise, good nutrition, hydration, sleep, and mindfulness. Which means we might need to shift our focus from the first few minutes to the long game. 


Staying on track is easy with these four C’s to success!

Community: Find like-minded people working towards similar goals to help hold you accountable and cheer you on! While it is possible to achieve goals in isolation, it can be significantly more difficult (and less fun). The two pillars of our clubs, Fitness Coaching and Group Training, are specifically designed for this. Knock out all three hindrances with a coaching session or group training class, which is an allotted time, provides a shareable source of energy and willpower, and will leave you feeling determined to conquer!

Change: Don’t be afraid to mix it up if you are not hitting the milestones you set for yourself. There’s more than one route to success! Shake off the bad days, don’t let a temporary snag derail your entire journey. Your life, schedule and circumstances, or journey, may change, but your goals don’t have to. Spice up your routine and overcome discouragement, change your method but keep moving towards your destination. Walk into each new day seeing the potential it offers and embrace change when necessary.

Celebrate: It’s important to acknowledge and celebrate the smaller victories along the way towards your bigger goals. Part of the reward of setting resolutions is the ability to look back at the journey that brought you to success. Document your journey, because while you might not see dramatic results from day to day, the evolution of your progress will make itself apparent over time. Celebrating your achievements along the way will keep you motivated and positive.

Consistency: Whatever your goals may be, they require a consistent level of training for you to reach them. One way to ensure consistency within the scope of your goals is through your FitPlan, which makes it easier to stay on track because you won’t have to think about what you’re going to do at the gym that day, or what you’ll eat—it’s already written out. The more we practice something, the more natural it becomes. Current research suggests that on average, to make a habit stick it must be performed approximately 66 consecutive days. Which guess what? Is this week! Need to start over? No problem, there’s still time (there’s about 100 days until summer).

Better Than Yesterday

Your Energy family is here to keep you moving forward on your journey. We want to provide you with the support and tools needed to succeed. We know that our M.A.P. Coaching (Motivation, Accountability & Plan), will do just that! Anyone can sign up for a class or work out in any capacity, but without the right MAP to guide you, you won’t see the results you truly want. We encourage all members to utilize their FitPlan to make each day energizing and efficient. The best feeling is looking back, three months or one year, and seeing that you aren’t the same person you were then. You’re better!

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