Beyond The Scale

Do you let the number on the scale dictate your day? Does your mood change when you see that number staring back at you? Let’s take a step back and ask ourselves what that number really means and why we let it take control. Yes, we want to be at a healthy weight. Our weight is an important health marker, to a certain extent. But we want to stop thinking of it as just one number and more of a range. What’s important is that we are in a healthy weight range where we are not at risk of disease or other health issues that can develop due to being overweight. 

Start thinking beyond the scale. Look at the whole picture instead of focusing on that one number. If you are just starting out on your health journey, consider taking progress photos of yourself in the mirror from a couple of different angles. Then take them again each month in the same outfit. After a couple of months you should see a positive change if you are being consistent. Taking your measurements is another way to track your progress, along with the photos. Consider how your clothes fit, your energy levels, strength and endurance progress. Are you sleeping better at night? All of these are amazing non-scale victories to be proud of and taken into consideration.

It’s important to keep in the forefront of your mind why you want to make a change and what it will mean for you if you do. Write down your “why” statement and set some realistic goals for yourself. There’s no magic formula. Consistency is key. Not sure where to start? Hire a professional to help you get motivated, stay accountable and support you on your journey.

Focus on leading a healthier lifestyle in general, and the weight will naturally come off.

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