What is Energy Fitness?



What type of training does Energy Fitness offer?

At Energy Fitness, we pride ourselves on offering the absolute best 1-on-1 (Energy ELITE) and team training (Energy STRONG) in the industry. When you come to Energy, we take the time to understand your fitness goals and set you up on the perfect program to achieve them. Whether it’s motivation, education, accountability, diversity or anything else that you know you need to succeed, we will make sure you start on the right path to long term success!

What is Energy STRONG?

Energy STRONG is the best 45-minute team training workout of your life. Our signature workout is designed to transform your body and mind through fun and dynamic HIIT exercises; leaving you feeling accomplished, high on endorphins, and craving more. The workouts are constantly evolving and feature a variety of HIIT strength and cardio exercises, keeping both your mind and body guessing what the next workout will bring!

What makes Energy STRONG different than other group workouts/classes in the industry?

The main difference is that our STRONG workouts are structured to produce maximum benefits of both building lean muscle and shedding body fat in the shortest time possible, 45 minutes. Other programs focus solely on burning max calories through mostly cardio work, which limits results big time.
STRONG workouts involve two critical elements: the unique way we intertwine short, intense bursts of cardio and strength exercises and the huge variety of exercises, movement, and equipment we use, which creates muscle confusion and prevents plateaus in progress.

What equipment is used in an Energy STRONG workout?

Every STRONG workout is different and utilizes a variety of top-of-the-line equipment including TRX, rowers, skiergs, air bikes, dumb bells, and more. We have chosen equipment that we know will have the combo effect of burning max calories and increasing muscle involvement, because we know that the more the muscles are used, the more the metabolism changes for good. The combination of equipment is low impact while delivering a heart pumping workout that will boost your energy all day long. You’ll never find yourself running on a treadmill in a STRONG workout!

What do the animal workouts mean?

Inspired by the Animal Kingdom, our Energy STRONG animal themed workouts are constantly evolving and feature a variety of HIIT strength and cardio exercises, keeping both your mind and body guessing what the next workout will bring. Our workouts characterize each animals’ unique attributes, strengths, and movements to inspire our ever-evolving innovative workouts. Every six weeks, we introduce six new animal themed workouts that incorporate different exercises and equipment. Our members find this to be a fun and exciting way to characterize our programs.

I haven’t worked out in a long time; will I be able to keep up in an Energy STRONG session?

Don’t worry, you’ll be fine! The workouts are completely modifiable to people of all fitness levels. Our outstanding team of nationally certified STRONG trainers will educate you and modify exercises to accommodate different limitations and fitness levels. If you are brand new to exercise or weight training, we do recommend that you work with our team in our 1-on-1 ELITE training to start for a bit and learn the common movements and form before beginning with STRONG workouts. The most important thing is to listen to your body.

What is Energy ELITE?

Energy ELITE is our 1-on-1 training designed specifically for you and your goals. Our 45-minute ELITE workouts incorporate a variety of fun and dynamic exercises tailored specifically for you, ensuring you receive the attention, education, and motivation needed to reach any and all of your fitness goals.

What does my membership include?

The most unique part about our training memberships is that they include a full club access membership. If you are an ELITE member, you will also receive unlimited STRONG team training sessions. No other training facility offers a signature training program like Energy STRONG and a full club access membership. Energy Fitness memberships also include complimentary childcare, towel service, all natural juicebar café*, and infrared saunas*.

*Juicebar cafe and infrared saunas not provided at Huntington location

How do I sign up for a training session?

Give us a call or stop by the front desk at your preferred Energy Fitness location to sign up for training. Be sure to download our Energy Fitness app where you can reserve your spot in one of our signature STRONG sessions, or sign up on our website in the ‘Schedule’ section of your preferred Energy location.

What is the culture like at energy fitness?

One of the best things about Energy is how friendly and welcoming the Energy Team and members are, creating a fun, interactive, and positive club atmosphere. Whether you are a beginner first embarking on your fitness journey, or a seasoned workout pro looking to take your fitness to the next level, we have an amazing team ready to help guide you in the workouts that will truly transform you and help you reach your true potential!

Where is the closest Energy Fitness to me?

Energy Fitness currently has four locations on Long Island: Huntington, Miller Place, Fort Salonga, and St. James. To find out which location is nearest you, click here.

What other fitness classes do you provide?

Energy Fitness also offers yoga, pilates, barre, spin, spin fusion, Zumba, body sculpt, body combat, body blast, cardio sculpt, drill camp, and silver fit classes. These are provided at select locations.