Energy FLEX is the perfect Pilates & Barre hybrid

Energy FLEX is the perfect Pilates / Barre hybrid

Class description

Strengthen & tone your muscles with this barre and Pilates inspired class! Utilizing props and barres to simulate and maximize core strength, while also defining glutes, legs, and arms. FLEX encompasses low-impact, isometric moves, and mind-centering breath work. This group experience aims to strengthen muscles while also improving postural alignment and flexibility. 

Common questions

When you try your first FLEX Class be sure to check in at the front desk!  We’ll help you find the room & a spot to get started!

Wear comfy workout clothes! If you have Pilates socks and a yoga mat, feel free to bring them! Otherwise this workout is perfect in bare feet, we also have sanitized yoga mats for you to use!

Be sure to bring a water bottle. We supply Yoga mats & other Pilates accessories if need be, but if you have your own you are more than welcome to bring them!

Due to COVID-19, as an extra precaution, we ask that you wipe down the equipment / mats that you use during your session.  There are disinfecting wipe stations all throughout the club!