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Are you looking for the best solution for you? Our expert nutrition coaches are here to guide you through your nutrition journey. Whether you’re trying to learn the difference between Keto, Paleo, Intermittent Fasting, Stirtfood or what in the world Macros are, Energy’s nutrition coaches are here to support and guide you. 

With our custom tailored 6-week nutrition program, you will be given custom grocery lists, meal plans, nutritional education and weekly 30-minute checkins with your personal nutrition coach. 

Here's what our nutrition clients are saying...

"I joined the 6 week nutrition program with two goals in mind- I wanted to lose weight and I wanted to gain lean muscle. I really needed to overhaul how I was eating. While I am very disciplined when it comes to exercise, my diet was always something I struggled with because I am a finicky eater and I love desserts. I have always had a hard time sticking to different diets. I have tried “cleanse” diets before and they made me feel awful, and strict calorie reduction left me hungry all the time. I started the Energy program really not expecting much except some new recipes. I was surprised at the initial meeting with Cara to learn that I wasn’t taking in enough calories and especially not enough protein. Cara gave weekly recipes as well as practical advice on food that I could make quickly that was delicious and most importantly that my son liked to eat too. After doing the program, I did lose weight. I am not at my goal weight yet but I continue to make progress. I have also noted increased energy during the day and that I am sleeping better at night. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to change their eating habits in a way that can easily be maintained over the long term. Thank you Cara and Energy Fitness!"
Nutrition Coaching Long Island
Andrea F.
Energy Nutrition Client

What's included in the 6-week nutrition program?

Customized Meal Plans, Recipes & Grocery Lists

Nutritional education, tools & resources

Weekly 30 minute check-ins with your personal nutrition coach

Schedule your complimentary nutrition consultation

Includes initial consultation, custom meal plans, recipes, weekly check-ins, app & materials.