This will be the most energetic fitness challenge of your summer.

Contestants & Coaches alike will compete in this timed event for great prizes!


(see our team in action)

The Workout

Competitors will race in 5-person heats every 10-minutes, staggered by weight class. 

There are two weight divisions: Cheetah + Panther. Team Cheetah will utilize 10 lb & 20 lb dumbbells throughout the competition. While Team Panther will utilize 20 lb & 35 lb dumbbells. 

30 calories Airdyne 

10/s DB Snatches (20#/35#)

800 m Rowing 

20 DB Deadlifts (20#/35#)

12 Energy Makers (10#/20#)

40 Butterfly Sit-Ups 

20 Thrusters (10#/20#)

15 Burpees 

.25 mile Run


Rules & Regulations

This is a timed competition and each competitor will have a coach walking through with them to make sure form is correct for each repetition in each movement! We highly recommend training for this in the weeks leading up to the competition. It isn’t something you should just jump into without preparation. So as you’re training, be sure to keep these things in mind:

POWER SNATCHES (heavy weight)

Begin with the dumbbell on the ground between your feet in a shoulder width stance. Keep your heels down and arms straight as you extend your hips rapidly, shrugging your shoulders back and ending the movement in a partial overhead squat. The dumbbell must touch the ground between each rep.


Begin with dumbbells at your side, standing with your feet shoulder width apart. Hinge your hips back until you are in a 90 degree deadlift position with the dumbbells at your ankles.

ENERGY MAKERS (light weight)

Begin at the top of a push up position with a dumbbell in each hand. Perform a push up, lowering your chest towards the floor. Once you’ve returned to the top of the push up position, pull one arm back into a row. Repeat on the next side. Then hop into a squat and thrust both dumbbells into an overhead position with your arms fully locked out.

BUTTERFLY SIT-UPS (body weight)

Begin laying on your back with your arms overhead behind you and the soles of your feet touching- your knees should be bent and flared out. Sit up and touch your toes, then return to your starting position.

THRUSTERS (light weight)

Begin with your feet in a shoulder width stance with dumbbells resting on your shoulders, keeping elbows in front of the body. Lower your hips back and down past your knees into a squat position. Extend your hips and legs rapidly while simultaneously pressing the dumbbells up overhead, ending in a straight standing position with your arms fully locked out.

BURPEES (body weight)

Begin standing with your feet in a shoulder width position and jump. When you land, thrust your feet back into a push up position. Lower your chest and thighs, making full contact with the ground. Push yourself back up and jump your feet back to your hands. Jump up, ending in a standing position with your arms overhead.

(watch the video for form guidance)


Registration includes admission to compete in the event plus a cool competitors t-shirt to wear during the games.

$25 members /$40 non-members

We will provide a warm up and cool down space, a Hydration Station, plus some energy-pumping music. 

Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your allotted race time to check in and warm up.