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At Energy Fitness of Huntington, the support is real and it starts the moment we meet. Our coaches don’t have one plan that fits everyone, they develop a plan that fits you – a total fitness experience designed around your abilities, your body, and your goals. Your plan will contain a 360 approach to your health and will cover important areas other gyms simply can’t. The first step? Contact us today so we can get started. We can’t wait!

Build something stronger than muscles.

What makes us special isn’t our weight rack or our treadmills—of course, we have those things, but what sets us apart from other gyms is the people inside our four walls. Our goal is to help you tackle anything that stands in the way of a healthier you, together. We know fitness journeys don’t follow a straight line and our coaches are fluent in helping you get back on track after detours. We are ready to meet you where you’re at, build a customized plan that works for you and keep you feeling motivated, strong and confident.

Training vs. coaching

In Huntington, our coaches are experts in personal training, but they’re different than the personal trainers you may be used to. A trainer tells you what to do. A coach works with you, listens, and doesn’t stop thinking about your progress when the workout is finished. Your needs are unique and a one-size fits all approach isn’t going to cut it. That’s why our coaches don’t create a plan for you until after you get to know each other. Makes sense, right? And don’t be surprised if you ever get a text from them when you least expect it. They like to check in.

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Signature Studio Classes

At Energy of Huntington, we’ve curated three 45-minute signature group training options that revolve around the major modalities: strength, endurance, balance & flexibility. Our instructors are put through a minimum of 100 hours in each course to be certified to teach one of our core classes. 



Energy is known for this HIIT circuit training experience. This signature workout blends strength and endurance while burning fat and building lean muscle mass. In a STRONG session, you will likely utilize free weights, kettlebells, air bikes, rowers, SkiErgs, TRX, and more! Unleash your inner animal with our themed workouts, consisting of four stations that will provide an unforgettable full-body experience.

Flex Classes


Strengthen & tone your muscles with this barre and Pilates inspired class! Utilizing props and barres to simulate and maximize core strength, while also defining glutes, legs, and arms. FLEX encompasses low-impact, isometric moves, and mind-centering breath work. This group experience aims to strengthen muscles while also improving postural alignment and flexibility. 



Saddle up and burn serious calories as you embark on this epic cycling journey! RYDE is a high-intensity group experience that is sure to shred calories and strengthen muscles. While both engaging and challenging, the time will fly by as you ride to energetic music. Sweat out the troubles of life and breathe in the positivity as your heart pumps, improving circulation and aerobic health. 

Meet the Huntington Team

Welcome to Energy Fitness! Our friendly, professional staff is trained to help you along your fitness journey, no matter how much support you need. Membership includes a free, no-pressure fitness consultation, unlimited group fitness classes unlimited access to our state of the art gym and a session with one of our nationally accredited Personal Trainers at least once a month. All offered in a welcoming club and supportive member community. Let’s get started! Visit during club hours or call schedule an appointment today!

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Before you come and visit us, take a peek at what Energy Fitness of Huntington has to offer! We’ve got everything you need to reach your goals from coaching to equipment—and everything in between. Enjoy a customized workout plan, unlimited signature group classes, squeaky clean surfaces and equipment to keep you safe while you make healthy happen.

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For the price of a cup of coffee a day, you can be connected with the most supportive staff, state-of-the-art equipment, training & coaching services and signature group fitness classes. Stop in today, or reach out, and we’ll build a customized membership that works for you.

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