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5th annual


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What is Pivot? Why Madagascar?

Pivot was co-founded by two of our very own Energy family members – Robin & Jim Herrnstein, and they are literally saving thousands of lives by providing the basic human right of healthcare in one of the poorest countries in the world, Madagascar, Africa.

Driven by science with the underlying belief that health is a human right, Pivot is working to shape scalable healthcare solutions for millions of people around the world. Their district-level model health system includes 1 district hospital, 15 health centers and 81 community posts.

People die needlessly because of the gap between knowledge and action, which creates barriers to delivering care despite the availability of affordable solutions. By improving design, delivery, and data in a single model health district – soon to expand to three – Pivot is helping those who suffer from inadequate healthcare lead themselves and their families toward healthier lives.

Many people have asked us why we have chosen to work with a charity so far from home. The answer is simple for us. We believe that we are all one in this journey, brothers and sisters united in a common goal to make this world a better place for all. It is our mission at Energy to help bring health into peoples’ lives all across the world. We are so blessed here in America to have most of our basic health needs met everyday. We want to help make this a reality for everyone, no matter their race, economic status, or country of residence!

Did you know? As of today Pivot serves ~200,000 people!

Pivot + Energy: Going the Distance

This year we’re going the distance with Pivot, aiming to cover 8,741 miles collectively to bring awareness to the challenges locals in Madagascar face in receiving health care.

What is the distance between Energy & Madagascar?

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8741 Miles

From our Energy Locations to Madagascar is 8,741 miles.
Go The Distance With Us

How many miles would I walk to deliver my baby while in labor?

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6.2 Miles

For many people in Madagascar the nearest health center is more than 10 km (6.2 miles) away, reachable only via footpath.
Go The Distance With Us

If I needed a C-Section, how far would I need to travel?

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15.5 Miles

For any major surgery, someone would need to travel to the District Hospital, which is more than 25 km (15.5 miles) across mountainous footpaths.
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The biggest cause of death in children is Malaria. How far would you have to walk for a test?

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3.3 Miles

Pivot ensures all Village Health Outposts are stocked with rapid malaria tests. Now sick children can be evaluated and treated within 5 km (3.1 miles) of their home.
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If I were a community health worker, how much would I walk every day?

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6-10 Miles/day

Health workers make circuits across villages to screen for common illnesses in homes, averaging about 6-10 miles of walking per day, 4 days a week.
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How far would someone need to travel for cancer treatment?

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249 Miles

Pivot provides transport for the patient and a family member, making the 400 km (249 miles) journey to the care they need
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What is the walking distance to a local health center to diagnose and treat malnutrition?

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6 Miles

Pivot has cut the typical walking distance to obtain diagnosis and treatment from an average of >25 km (>15 miles) to roughly 10 km (6 miles).
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How far do Pivot Porters carry sick patients?

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6.2 Miles

Pivot arranged for teams of “porters” to carry stretchers by hand from villages to Community Health Centers, often more than 10 km, when a patient is unable to reach care on their own.
Go The Distance With Us

We invite everyone to log their miles from various machines around the clubs and during class on our challenge boards located in the front of the building.  Between all 5 clubs we can collectively achieve a goal of 8,741 miles!

Looking back: Pivot + Energy

Take a look back on all of our previous events with Pivot + Energy

June 2016 One-Off Event
Pivot x Energy Spin-A-Thon

First-ever Pivot x Energy event! Mike, Trevor & Mike Fox led an awesome outdoor spin class. Donors sponsored participants by the mile. It was brutal and amazing.

Total Amount Raised by Energy: $10,462.14

# of Gifts: 102

# of Donors: 84

November 2016 One-Off Event
Pivot x Energy Turkey Burn

The weekend following Thanksgiving, Mike led an outdoor class. Spirits were high as we reflected on our gratitude and what we can do for others

Total Amount Raised by Energy: $16,434

# of Gifts: 74

# of Donors: 71

October 2017 Week Long Event
Pivot x Energy Week: Help Build a Model Health Center in Madagascar

This was our first week-long event sponsoring Pivot! It was also the first instance that we raised funds that were going towards a specific project. That was to build a new health center in a community called Antaretra. That health center is now thriving!

Total Amount Raised by Energy: $10,135
Total with Match: $20,270

# of Gifts: 206

# of Donors: 187

October 2018 Week Long Event
Pivot x Energy Week: Help Provide Individual Care for Individual People

Our focus this year was to raise awareness and support the activities of Pivot's social support team whose aim is to ensure patients can overcome all barriers- financial, geographical, or otherwise- to access the quality care they deserve.

Total Amount Raised by Energy: $15,335
Total with Match: $30,670

# of Gifts: 153

# of Donors: 149

October 2019 Week Long Event
Pivot x Energy Week: Help Remote Communities Access Urgent Care in Madagascar

This year we added the extra fun layer of competition to our Pivot + Energy week. Competitive events at all Energy clubs in addition to Les Gros Bras, a gym in Ranomafana owned by Pivot employee Haja. This year we focused on raising awareness and support of Pivot's ambulance and patient transport team.

Total Amount Raised by Energy: $18,806
Total with Match: $37,613

# of Gifts: 133

# of Donors: 129